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Messed around with delivery dates

On the 3rd Janurary 2012 I purchased a Zanussi ZWH7120P (order number 1125-17029608) washing machine from Stockport’s Peel Centre store. Whilst taking my details the staff member told me I would be able to call the customer service number to arrange a date as we were in between settling a move in date with our house. We were so impressed with the service from comet so far we decided to return a week later and purchase a fridge freezer, we still had no move in date when we bought the fridge freezer but the sales assistant assured us if we rang the customer service number our 2 items will be delivered on the same day, which makes sense.
As soon as we knew our completion date for our house we rang comet to let them know. The service we received over the phone was exceptional; they were very friendly and helpful. They said that there was no problem for both items to be delivered at the same time. This took a weight off our mind knowing that the fridge freezer and washing machine will be delivered on the 6th February as moving house is stressful enough.
The morning of the 6th February came and we received a phone call early morning to say the delivery will be with us in 30 minutes. We were very impressed that we had a courtesy call to let us know the goods were on the way. We were also very happy they were going to be at our new house for 11am which gave us the rest of the day to carry on sorting everything else out. The delivery man came, very polite and smiley and brought the fridge freezer in and left it in our kitchen for us. Just as he was leaving we asked him about our washing machine which he seemed quite confused he was unaware there was a washing machine that should have been attached to this order. He did say that there was another van in the Manchester area which will most probably have our washing machine on it. Feeling confident that this was the case we stayed in and waited. We were so impressed with the services so far we had no reason to doubt that the washing machine will be on its way.
By 6pm the same day we still had not heard anything from comet so decided to ring just to check. We were greeted on the phone by a customer advisor who told me it was out of stock and the nearest day it could be delivered was the 17th February. The advisor proceeded to say that comet rang my fiancee’s mobile on the 3rd February and left a voicemail message to say that it was out of stock however my partner had no missed call or voicemail on that Friday from comet. I questioned the advisor on why our name wasn’t put on a washing machine reserving it for us to which the advisor gave the impression that this model of washing machine was out of stock. The advisor also failed to apologize to me for the lack of service and care until near the end of the phone call. At this point I felt quite downhearted and let down that 1 we actually received no phone call, 2 waited in all day for a product that was not being delivered, 3 we were not made aware at the time of purchase this model was out of stock as this could have affected my decision of purchase and finally 4 that it took the advisor so long to apologize on the phone. I felt that comet should have tried to ring my partner again or at least tried to ring my phone to let us know it was out of stock, my partner gave my number as a back up at the time of purchase as she works shifts.
My partner rang the customer service number to complain as she was very upset it was not coming on that day. She expressed her frustration to the advisor of this matter; the advisor then spoke to her manager who agreed that due to the inconvenience we could have a refund of £20 for our instillation cost which we will receive within 7-10 days.
After this phone call we reasoned with the fact the washer had to come on a different day and thought that these things happen but felt that it was kind of comet to give us a re-imbursement of our instillation fee. My partner arranged with work to take a day’s holiday for the 17th February to make sure someone was in for our delivery. On the 16th February it was my partner’s scheduled day off, she received a phone call from comet at mid-day to tell us it was out of stock again so won’t be delivered the next day. This was extremely inconvenient as my partner was unable to cancel her annual leave day which now had to be wasted. I explained to the customer service advisor on the phone this was unacceptable and now starting to become a joke. We had been moved in for a few weeks and had no washing machine; we had to annoyingly us the washing facilities of family member which is not convenient or timely when we work in full time shift work jobs. The advisor told us that there were 2 zanussi washing machine exactly the same model as ours in the Stockport store if we had a van to go and collect it and plumb it ourselves. We don’t know anyone with a van/car big enough to fit a washing machine in let alone anyone free to help us plumb the machine. I questioned the advisor and asked why a comet delivery van couldn’t collect a washing machine from the Stockport store and bring it for us after all the inconvenience and delay caused by what had happened but the reply we got was unfortunately we can’t, no reason or explanation why apart from there must be a problem at the supplies. It seems outrageous that your delivery company couldn’t have picked a washing machine up for us from your Stockport store weeks ago, originally when we didn’t get our first delivery. It would have enhanced the customer service for you to make it up to us and bring one from your store I can’t see what the difference is in where your delivery man picks the washing machine up from.
We were finally given a date of the 23rd February which again another days holiday was needed to be taken by my partner at her own expense. This time the washing machine came at approximately mid-day. The delivery men were friendly and plumbed the washing machine in for us. I explained the story of what happened and they themselves seemed quite shock and disgusted in the service that we had received. To this day we have still not received our instillation refund and feel very disappointed by the service we have received from comet. We have never shopped at comet before and have always used more local smaller businesses for our electrical and larger appliances but your company actually had the best deal on this quality product. We can safely say you have made us loose all trust in your store and in future will not recommend yourselves to others and strongly advise others to go elsewhere.

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