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The worst delivery company ever

This has got to be the worst courier ever.

They do not deliver when they are ment to (most of the time dont even try), status sits as "out for delivery" for days at a time, then says undeliverable and I have to go to their depot when they have not even tried to deliver.

On rare occasions they have actually seen where I live, they have thrown boxes (a games console) over my 7ft garden fence onto concrete in the pouring rain, didnt even leave a card so only found it when taking the bins out. Needless to say this was returned to the retailer which is unfair on them as not the reatilers fault.

They have left large boxes from Amazon (which if you have ordered from them you will know there boxes are plastered with amazon branding) on my doorstep in full view of the street (dont have a fence around my front or anything so anyone could have seen/taken it. I was lucky here.)

They are the WORST and if I find out that a retailer is using YODEL I phone them up and tell them to cancel the order because it is really not woth the hassle. AVOID!!!


Terrible customer service

My last 3 orders have been messed up by them.

Keep emailing them and when I do get a reply its a copy and paste reply that in no way answers my question.

My latest order was just cancelled without telling me, emailed them and kept giving me a copy/paste about Mass Effect 3 (which was not what I ordered) took 7 emails before they final gave me a proper (i say proper I just mean not about mass effect) reply which was no way helpful.

Terrible company - Avoid them at all costs, there are so much better retailers out there


Absolutely Brilliant

Without a doubt this is the best network (and best value) I have ever been with.

Prices are excellent and runs of o2's network which is good (strangely get faster data speed on my phone with GiffGaff than I did with o2).

Would always recommend to friends and family.

Home Bargains

Good Service

My order was delayed (only by a few days) but was given a personal email to let me know and an apology which I was pleased with.

Item was delived in good condition.

All the items are well priced on the site however the postage is quite steep. Would like to see the option to collect from store in the future.

Overall would use again and would recommend to others.


Excellent serivce

Used them a few times over the past few years.

They have always delived extremly fast and keep you updated every step of your order.

Have had a few items personalised and you get an excellent choice of personal features (colours of ribbon, the thread for text, custom text, basically everything)

They are well priced compared to other reatilers and have an excellent range of items for all occasions, including big brands (Me to You, which I have bought several of)

Will be my first store to visit whenever I need to buy!


Just cant get it right

Ordered a PS3 game from them which should have been the collectors edition (which I paid more for)

First they sent the regualr edition which I had to send back, then I received a xbox version (regular, not the collectors) and the third one I got the regular PS3 version again.

Eventully just asked for a refund and bought elsewhere as it was clear they were not going to get it right.



Customer Service is appalling

Tesco's customer service is appalling. Their instore staff are always rude, never willing to help and quite frankly useless.

When issues arize they do their absolute best to avoid sorting them.

I have contacted their head office customer service several times and when they do reply (which isnt often) they are no better and not at all willing to sort out issues.

I have permently switched to asda or other supermarkets as tesco are just not worth the hassle.

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Sorts out issues when required

This rating is based on ebays service - NOT purchases as this would be unfair to ebay.

Their website I find well designed and their "my ebay" section keeps everything organised and easy to track.

On the few occasions I have need to conact ebay they sorted out the issues quicky and provided refunds where required.

Will continue to use.


Giving up on them

I have ordered 3 items in the past 2 weeks. 2 PC games and a PS3 game. One of the PC games and the PS3 were unsealed and clearly were preowned/used stock when they should have been brand new. The PC game was a steam activation game and when tried to register the serial was USED! Contacted customer service and they were less than helpful. Have returned both and am awaiting refund, will spend my money elsewhere. WILL NEVER BUY FROM AGAIN!


Always Been fine with me

I've luckly (as yet!) never had a problem with them. Ordered several blu rays/ps3 games and always delived on time and good condition. Would use again.

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Garden XL

Terrible Company

Ordered a BBQ from them and they cancelled the order without even telling me. Wasnt until I relised I had'nt had it delivered or any communication from them did I log in to find my order had been cancelled. WOULD NEVER USE OR RECOMMED

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