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The mail order pitts

My experience is as follows and follows a similar pattern to the majority of the reviews found here:

-I saw a full-page, attractive-looking advert in a very respectable UK newspaper, and didn't doubt the company's credentials for a moment.
-I ordered a large number of products for Christmas presents, in plenty of time to allow delivery.
-I received no immediate email/letter notification of receipt of my order, as you do with most normal companies.
-I noticed my money was banked within about 10 days.
-No goods were received shortly afterwards as I expected.
-About 7-10 days later I followed up with emails to customer service- no response.
-I eventually received a letter to say they were out of stock and was given a rough delivery date- for about 2 months after my order was received.
-By chance I saw on the internet, Trust Pilot's complaints/feedback site about this company following a Google search, and realised I was in danger of being ripped off.
-I cancelled my whole order immediately before anything was sent (thankfully) and did it over the phone as emails are just ignored. I got through within about a minute and wasn't put on hold for ages.
-I was polite but firm as I realised they would be used to people losing it with them and knew this approach would more likely to get a result.
-My refund arrived and to be honest I was surprised and delighted it went through.
-I have since bought the products from a different company for a lower price- happy days!

They are the losers as they could have had quite a big order but failed. It taught me a lesson about mail order companies ultimately- Google them thoroughly before ordering.

n.b I would be surprised if they bother to read the feedback, as emails, as they already know how poor they are as a company.

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