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love Asda great value , freindly staff.

you WILL save at Asda copared to other big 3 and better trained freidly staff who smile not scowl a la M&S. DO MOST BIG FOOD SHOPS THERE.


ultra reliable let down by call centres in asia and pricy extras

great reception everywhere, biggest in world (as far as i know)some good sim only deals but be VERY careful you do not make calls/use mb`s of web time not inc in package or your bill wuill leave you speechless (save ££ for a day or two) very rude call centre operatives, must all be watching" who wants to be a millionaire" as in Slumdog :)


well at least you are never far from one !!

Tescoland has well and truly landed, good range but not as good value as used to be, my 2`nd choice for big food shop after Asda.


good pizzas and great offers

great when cooking is too much to bear and good offers to take up, best of the big pizza chains.


ok if you read small print !!

great cheap flights as long as you research it properly first and in my familily we have found early booking and taking whayever seats is best. but read all small print (boring ? yes but 100% wise) or watch your bill take off on it`s own .:)


been around a long while for a good reason !!

Quality ,service and prices are what comes to mind with Next which is why they are still going strong, have bought many clothes./shoes and accessories there and never a problem.


great range/value and catalogue

Argos are well known for keen pricing easy purchasing and a vast range of goods all in a catalogue which is somewhat like a shoppers bible, used them 100`s of times over the years and no complaints, nuff said.


geat money saving info/tips and offers.

well worth getting at least their monthly if not weekly e-mail full of money saving info.

John Lewis


You can tell the staff have a share in the firm due to their genuine happy to help attitude, nice stores and competative prices, if you have not shopped in J.Lewis give it a go you may well never look back.


great prices and range.

Aldi like Lidl are getting more and more of market share maybe becuase they price their goods to make a profit but not one as ridiculous as Tesco , we all have tio eat and they make it possible at sensible prices plus sell tools,cloyhes etc.


avoid if possible, bad cell phone reception, slow b/band

i have had orange phones and b/band both of whuich have much to be desired, bad recetion on cell phone slow to lik[nk to t-mobile and snails pace b/band.

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best value in town !!

good old Primark great prices for non those who don`t need Tommy Hilfiger printed all over themselves best for t-shirts underwear, socks, jeans, always worth checking out.


sleazyjet !!!

make even ryanair look ok, cabin crew with bad attidude and speedy book in is a joke save your money

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best fibre optic provider by miles !! superfast.

changed to Virgin Media abvout a year ago after a very tedious time with Orange and WOW what a difference it makes to a bit of web surfing, different class to others. (can be a bit pricy for certain packages ie: no tv just broadband/phone)


great way to pay !! and be paid !!

easy way to pay forgoods services send money and you have great level of protection, saved me being fleeced several times, now being used/accepted by many high street names.


best search engine by miles.

"Google it" has become part of everday laguage and that really says it all.


if you want it you can find it on ebay !!

great variety , great bargains to be had, good fuin just looking about, easy to sell on ,i think eveyone i know uses ebay, enough said.


always dependable

well worth checking Amazon before you make any purchase me and my family have always found them to be excellent.

Tyre Shopper

Best by miles :)

easy to book, great choice, good info, loads of local fitting centres and best of all cheapest prices i could find even local trade tyre centre could not compete, not only that but the price you see is what you pay inc valves balance and disposal (unlike many others) would highly recommend to fasmily & freinds.

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