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sub standard totally inept

had my laptop in for repairs since the 10 of Jan 2012 it is now 29th feb 2012 still no computer i have had this laptop delivered and had to be returned more than 4 times still had problems they say they do a bench test my 14 yr old son could have done better they are very happy for some spotty 16 yr old kid sell me the insurance and i paid over £400 for the privilage but when it come to repair god help you they are awful even on the phone they fob you off as if you are an idiot i bet i know more about it than they do its been over six weeks now and no progress i complained and case manager said it was a write off then they change their mind and say it is not they even said i got back stickers off another computer !!!!! what for i ask they say they changed items in it and i find they did not my advise to all of you people out there DO NOT BE AN IDIOT LIKE ME this knowhow is totally crap and against trading standards im sure as they advertise one thing and do the other if something goes wrong just pay to have it repaired by someone with brains or buy another my £400 could have done nicely against a band new laptop total rip off !!!!! i have three other brand new laptops all covered by insurance and i have cancelled the direct debits knowhow dont give a hoot about customer services and its a shambles if it was an individual company it would have gone bankrupt a long time ago in my line of work i have a lot of influence as people ask me what to buy it will not be pc world or know how and i am going to write in every review i can find


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