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Strong community with a unique flair.

Dribbble is a really great site with really great people and the quality of content is excellent. Some of the best designers in the world use this, and it is inspirational.

If I had one criticism it would be that the "in-crowd" sort of dominates the site. It's not impossible to get noticed, but it is very difficult, if not impossible, to supersede the top "Players".

I am a member now, and will continue to be a member for the foreseeable future, and I recommend it to anyone.


I check it almost daily.

Well-designed site, great content, and super useful for inspiration. I love it.


Simple, good, addictive.

I find it hard to stop circulating through the brilliant curated images on this site. One of my favorites, for sure.


Brilliant for creatives.

I normally keep folders of cool images anyway, but now I have an organized way to save them and a lot of different ways to save them, wherever I am.

I think they nailed it.


Ok, could be much better.

With the power that PayPal has, they aren't doing much to leverage it. The registration process is painful and they haven't innovated a fraction as much as they could have.

I eventually deleted my account because there were many easier options.


Come on, it's Google.

Google is an amazing company, and this would have been five stars if Google+ had been better and if Google Wave hadn't been a retarded mash-up of unnecessary features.

Otherwise, Google has changed the entire internet for the better.


I even sell my own book on Amazon!

I have ordered many, many books from Amazon, and have never had a problem with a product. Good sellers, good information, and easy-to-find search results.

The design of the site really needs to be updated though, and one time a book was actually not in stock when I ordered it, so I waited three weeks to find out it wasn't coming.

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Joel Marsh
Male, 1980
Stockholm, Sweden


Experience Architect from Canada, living permanently in Stockholm, Sweden.