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Their fault = my problem!

You would hope that most retailers would sort out mistakes made by themselves promptly and without imposing upon the customer. Not PC World.
I bought a toaster yesterday, but the sales assistant put through two items at the till. One which I had been considering and the one I actually wanted. A simple mistake. I'm not too concerned about that. Mistakes happen and she was friendly. Fast forward to today. For starters, had to phone a 0844 number! to hear some disinterested lady tell me that I would have to return to the store in question to have the matter resolved. I actually bought the item as a snap purchase on my way past and I don't live close to the store - I explained. Same answer! I asked to speak to the store. Made me wait, still using 0844 number. Store guy a little more helpful sounding, but in practice the same response. Can't do anything unless I come back to the store. I said this is unacceptable. PC World have made the mistake, so why do you have a system which insists on the customer taking time out of their day, petrol costs etc to come back for resolution. I said any major retailer should have systems in place to deal with such financial issues. I gave my till receipt number and asked for the manager to phone me back asap with a solution and insisted that I would not be making the journey (its over 60 miles round trip!) to allow them to resolve their mistake. I am still waiting for that phone call. PC World - If you take note of these review sites. And you certainly should. Pls contact the guy who bought the yellow toaster yesterday at the Crawley site, June 26th asap.

XXX Update XXX
Several phone calls and emails later. Matter now resolved with simple over the phone card refund by Crawley site. This I had been told was impossible to action. Why this isn't standard policy for all who have financial issues with PC World through no fault of their own I don't know. I'm happy enough now, but the brick wall I had to knock down to get this simple thing sorted was ridiculous. I certainly won't use PC World again.


Not actually parked yet. Great price but just small sour note

Stung just slightly with the additional costs for mobile phone confirmation and cancellation cover which admittedly were shown up in the top right hand corner of the payment screen, but I just didn't see them and they were added to my charges. I wouldn't have added these if I'd been paying attention. Reckon they should be active opt in rather than passive.

Can't review meet & greet parking service yet as have just booked and been asked for review already by SkyParkSecure. Let's hope the service lives upto expectations

26 December 2012

Reply from SkyParkSecure Ltd.

Dear P Sutton,

Thank you for your feedback. Both the SMS confirmation charge and cancellation cover can be removed before confirming by clicking the remove button to the right of these charges.

If you contact our customer services at info@skyparksecure.com with your booking details we look at this for you.

Kind Regards,
Customer Services Team

Evo Roofing

Product arrived promptly.

Hard to criticise or eulogise about buying a tin of waterproofing gunk to cover shed roof. But it got here in one piece, arrived without incident and sooner than I expected, so that's good! Haven't needed to contact seller, so no opinion on customer service levels, but I'm sure they are all lovely people who love their mums and look after their customers as and when required.

The actual product is great, it keeps the water off the roof, as it says it should. Guess the proof of the pudding is in the eating many many years from now, to see if it continues to do so. But of course without foresight, can't achieve such miricles right now... but oh, here's one thing, it's an absolute faff to spread. Like trying to paste thick treacle , but then again, that's what gives it substance I suppose. All I would say, is if you were looking for a quick application solution to waterproofing a roof, then if it's a big roof and you think you'll quickly fit the job in between your bacon sarnies in the morning and football focus at lunch, and you're not an experienced 'applicator' of such things, then maybe best give yourself more time, get 'a man in', or buy a smaller shed.

Happy from Dorking


Delivery and Comms problems

Problems with my delivery. Bought online. Good Web site told product in stock. Yet long delivery delays and only now my online status has been changed to out of stock. I only know this as I took the effort to look at tracking link. Even before change of status I was emailing to find why the delay but to no avail. They have problems with their phones at present, but this is no excuse why I cannot get a reply by voicemail, email or their online enquiry service. I have tried each many times. Not a single reply to date. They have my money but I have no idea if and when I will get my product. Terrible service levels. A solid brick wall of silence

Are these guys even still in business??? The web site sugest so and seems to be taking sales even now. Good luck if you take the risk...!

28 March 2012

Reply from Pioneer Bathrooms Ltd

To All HeatandPlumb.com Customers,

As of 22nd March 2012, heatandplumb.com Ltd has ceased to trade.

All intellectual property rights, including this website, are now owned and operated by Pioneer Bathrooms Ltd.

Pioneer Bathrooms Ltd are not responsible for any previous orders placed before the 22nd March 2012, as the company is not associated with heatandplumb.com Ltd in any way.

We urge all previous customers of heatandplumb.com Ltd to contact their credit card company regarding any outstanding orders; the Pioneer Bathrooms team will be unable to help with any queries of this nature.

We are looking to re-launch the website within the next week. We thank you for your patience and support during the changeover period.

Pioneer Bathrooms

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