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Total out right rip offs. Avoid.
we bought an acer lap top for our sons xmas present. He only had machine for 3 weeks and banged the monitor on the wall and the hinge cracked a bit. He used the laptop every day for 4 weeks. The machine was working perfectly. Just needed to get hinge fixed

Went to pc world where we purchased it and the guy said he needed to send it away. Before if went he informed us we had to pay a £50 fee upfront. He assured us this would probably cover the costs of hinge repair.

After 4 weeks in there work shop and after numerous unreturned phone calls we had to go into shop again and enquire. We were told "A level
one engineer" was looking at it. It sounded very mystical, a bit like Kung
Fuee. I thought WOW, were on the right track now, a level one guy will know what to do.


The Revered One eventually deemed to phoned us up; and told us that we now required a new mother board. "Level One Engineer" went on to enlighten me. He said, sometimes theses thing take time. Even though we were using the machine for 3 weeks after the hinge was broken the fault was still in the machine because of the cracked hinge, you see Some bad things take time to appear, he said. At least it is the workshop and in the best hands.

I enquired how much , he said £180. plus the £50 i have already paid.

What a rip.I know there was not a problem with this machines mother board until they got their hands on it, now they can't even get it to start up.

Instead of fixing what they had obviously broken while fixing hinge, they are trying to rip us off for extra.

They said i could have machine back, less my £50 of course. So i am left £50 down, 5 weeks without the machine and now it dosnt work. All this from a company calling itself Know How. Know how to rip you off suits them better.

Please Please avoid going to this rip off store to get your lap top repaired. Apparently, they have a standing charge of around £230 for any repair no matter how small to a laptop. They don't tell you this though when they take your £50.

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