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Badly stocked, slow response and unwilling to refund.

I recently made a reasonably sized order with WAE+, having had a few friends buy from them I thought that I would give them a shot as they were definitely cheaper. Before buying I checked out some reviews and was shocked, but not overly worried as I thought 'How bad can it be?'. Well let me tell you my experience with WAE.

When I placed the order on the 11th of October, payment went through quickly and I soon received an order number. From there, it went downhill. I was told my delivery day would be, at the latest, the week after the current.. Upon the arrival of this day, I was told that shipment was delayed due to a delay at the warehouse. I received 3 of the 11 items in my order and hadn't received any more of them a month later when I asked for a refund.

I was called by WAE+ on the 6th of November and was told that due to a shipment delay (items were in Europe, nowhere near their England based shipment centre) I would not receive my items for 2 - 4 weeks and was offered a refund. I took it, and was told it could take up to 4 weeks for it to be issued.

4 weeks later, no refund. I spoke with the friends who's PC I was building with the parts and he said that after reading many reviews there was no way he was getting that money back and we decided to apply to MCOL, a government money collection authority for citizens who haven't received a refund they should have or are owed money in some way.

2 weeks after submitting the MCOL application, I received a rather early phone call from WAE+ asking for my account details so that they could refund me. I later received an email about the refund, checked my bank, and voila.

I'll state my key problems with WAE+ for your reading and, hopefully, for a response from WAE.

1: Items listed as 'in stock' when they are clearly not.
2: Offering refunds which clearly were never going to be given, or were going to be given on an unsatisfactory time scale
3: Why it took a court order to refund me.

Whilst I would like to say that this has been a pleasant experience. It has not, put your money elsewhere as this company does not seem to be entirely legitimate.

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A bad review, just like the others...

I bought a new power supply for my PC from DABS and paid for next day delivery (about a tenner). It all went through ok, and I had a confirmed delivery day of the 29th of February (I bought on the 28th). I checked the tracker, thinking it was DHL as the DABS website suggests, but was forwarded on to a Yodel website, which I had no quibble with.

I have been tracking the parcel since yesterday and it goes like this;

Change Service 29/02/12 12:24 PERTH SERVICE CENTRE
Scanned as part of secure process 29/02/12 PERTH SERVICE CENTRE
Arrived At Depot 29/02/12 10:22 PERTH SERVICE CENTRE
Departed Depot 28/02/12 18:48 WEDNESBURY HUB
Arrived At Depot 28/02/12 18:46 WEDNESBURY HUB
Parcel data received awaiting coll. 28/02/12 ASHTON SERVICE CENTRE

So it got to about half 4 (last delivery time is 6PM) and I was getting a bit aggitated that it hadn't arrived and it hadn't even been marked as on a van for delivery so I phoned the local depot and was told, albeit by a very nice and friendly lady, that they wouldn't deliver to my postcode until tomorrow (as the parcel had arrived at their depot on the 29th, next day counts as the day after (?!)). I wasn't happy, phoned DABS and got another friendly, courteous phone rep who immediately refunded me and also explained that there had been numerous(vastly numerous by the way she spoke about it) complaints about Yodel. Hopefully I may well receive my parcel tomorrow, although holding out little hope.

TL;dr next day isn't next day, apparently.

I couldn't fault the customer service though.

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