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Great price and fast delivery

i bought a Little Tikes Cosy Coupe for my son's birthday and found it cheapest on this website and they delivered free within 2 days. Great service & recommended.


Great range of goods

The one stop shop for all your baby needs! Great range of items but can be more expensive on the basics like nappies, wipes etc so good to shop around.


Great toys but not such a great range

I love the wooden toys and 'Happyland' ranges in ELC but I do find that I sometimes I can't find what I'm looking for and sometimes their prices are a bit high. Great for outdoor toys.


Cost efficient delivery option

Easy to use and at a great price, what more can you say? Definately recommended.


Good quality but can be expensive

Design has got much better over the last few years and not everything looks like a tent! Much more fasion forward whilst flattering to the fuller figure.

Great price

Good prices for Frontline and fast delivery.


Great service

Good pricing and delivery, you can find some of the more obsure books here.


Definately not my favorite airline

I used to use Easyjet alot when their prices were good and you could get the prices they advertised, not so much now. The cabin staff can come across quite moody and flights are hardly ever on time, not what you need when you are going on holiday!


Ok in the sales

Pricing wise you can definately get your dvds and cds cheaper elswhere online but pretty good pricing during their sales. Delivery has never been a problem and have always arrived on time.


Fast delivery

Dominos have good deals going most of the time and do deliver quickly. If you keep an eye out online and through their flyiers you can have a meal for the whole family pretty cheap.


Great for cheap 'throwaway' clothing & accessories

Great price for upto date throwaway fasion, their items were not made to last more than 1 season and their basics such as t-shirts and underwear is great value. stores can look a bit like a jumblesale on a busy Saturday. It would be great if they developed an online store too.


Lots of choice and convenient

What can I say about Argos? Well it's still a great idea and the fact you can get such a wide range in one store is so convenient, there can be something of a wait to get your items if they are busy and their home delivery can be slow but all in all the online click and reserve is a great help and the stock checking is good so no wasted trips. Staff can be a bit harassed.

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Not as good as they used to be

Tescos used to be where we shopped all the time but recently we have found the pricing and deals not as appealing as they used to be. The upside is that there are so many around!


Great prices and friendly staff

Asda is my first choice for our food shop, the pricing is still lower than the other big 2 and our store is always well stocked even for a smaller 'neighbourhood' store. Staff are always friendly and helpful.

Great price & Service

The website is simple and easy to navigate and the price is usually very good - on par with Amazon give or take a few pennies also their independant sellers offer a great service and price.


Great company shame about the website!

I have been using Orange for many years now and have never had a problem with the phone side of it, a good choice of upgrades, discounts on line rental etc, the only thing I find frustrating is that their website and especially online account logins do seem to have technical problems alot and sometimes take 24hrs to rectify before you can log in.


Easy to use

Very easy to use to send and receive money and so many websites now have a 'Pay by Paypal' option so is very convenient. The only gripe I have is that my husband and I have a joint bank account and only he can have the bank account linked to his Paypal account and I can't.


Everything I need to find

Google is great and my preferred search engine, the only downside is the amount of ads in the search results but I guess they have to make money somehow!


Great site but disputes take too long to resolve

I love using eBay and I get lots of bargains 99% of the time the site is easy to use and straightforward but when problems do happen the timeline for resolution can be quite long.


Always great service

I buy alot from Amazon both directly and through the Marketplace, always have had very good service and items arriving on time or early. Usually very competetive prices and lots of choice.

Pet Supermarket

Great value & fast delivery

I bought some Royal Canin 4kg for much less than the other websites and shops and I chose the 3-5 day free delivery. The food came within 3 days and I would definately use them again, great value & service.

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