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OK, Go

OK site. Love how easy it is to use, the tickets don't seem to be massively more expensive than other sites, but I have experienced a few annoying aspects.

For repeat custom, it's good. It's user friendly, stores my details, and let's me know when bands I've seen before are about to tour again. Price-wise it's always seemed OK. If the tickets are pricey for a particular gig then the same gig tickets seem pricey on other sites too.

While they haven't been a dodgy ticket reseller like Viagogo and Seatwave, it does make you wonder how much effort Ticketmaster put in to stopping such companies bulk buying tickets from them. It's technically not illegal, but still doesn't paint them in a good light.

The last time I tried to use Ticketmaster was weird and I hope it wasn't a sign of things to come. I tried to book tickets for a comedy gig at the Hammersmith Apollo.

I picked 2 seats from the seating chart where 3 seats were still available at the end of row N. An error message then popped up telling me I couldn't have the seats as it would leave 1 available seat all by itself.

That really shouldn't be my problem. They sell seats. I've picked 2 seats. Give me what I'm willing to pay for. That 1 seat can be taken up by 1 person. People do go to gigs on their own. It happens.

Instead I ended up going to HMV's own website to book the tickets as they had no such problems, and ended up getting better seats in row M (which Ticketmaster didn't/couldn't offer me).


Good Sports

Fast becoming my go-to site for warm layers to wear when cycling.

Seriously wouldn't have survived a cycle from London to Brighton without the cycle shorts (there's an image you probably didn't want in your head), base layer gloves, and hydration pouch I got from Morrant. A decent long sleeve base layer also went a long way (literally).

Have seen similar products elsewhere, but not at the prices on Morrant. It's like they permanently have a sale on, but with useful kit instead of the usual stock clearance I've seen on other sites.


Not Taxing

Like most people, I have a love-hate relationship with my mobile network operator.

I've been with Vodafone since the company I signed up with over 10 years ago was bought by them, so have been with them long enough to have gone through several different experiences, including wanting to leave them, having my phone stolen, upgrading, etc.

To be honest, and this might not be a popular opinion, their service has always been pretty good.

The one time so far I've ever had anything stolen, it was relatively painless to replace it once I had a crime number and a couple of phone calls and one delivery later I was back in business (literally).

When I wanted to leave them it was because my tariff at the time didn't charged me calling people on other networks and hardly anyone I knew was on Vodafone. They changed my tariff to help me. I'm sure some might argue that they ought to have supplied me with that automatically, but I was on a very old tariff.

Coverage-wise I've always loved Vodafone. Am able to get reception pretty much everywhere except for some remote places where you're unlikely to expect coverage or to receive any calls anyway. I've heard friends complain before about a lack of coverage by some other networks in London and been wondered how on earth that could be.

When I finally surrendered to a smartphone, their shop staff were great setting me up, and it's never been anything but easy.

They lose 2 stars for failing to pay their full tax bill to the government though. They wouldn't let me not pay their bills, so why should I go completely easy on them?

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Many Beers, Burgers, and a Tshirt

Have ordered a few times from BrewDog's online shop now and despite scare stories I've heard in the past about some of the firm's they've used for delivery, I encountered no problems at all. I've received emails from BrewDog that have explained and detailed plans to improve this aspect of their service, which is still much appreciated.

All the beer arrived when I was told it would, no bottles damaged, packed up snug and securely. And yes, the booze was tremendous.

The one time (so far) when I've ordered something other than beer, the website accepted my discount code, and I was taken by surprise at how quickly it turned up - just 2 days after ordering. As it was only a Tshirt, I was even able to leave a note on the order asking the delivery company to just stuff it through my letterbox rather than being tempted to leave a Sorry You Were Out card.

When buying their products at supermarkets and other outlets, the drinks have always been great.

I've only visited one of their bars so far (Camden) but the service was impeccable, the drinks were terrific, and the food took me by surprise with how good it was.

For such a small operation compared to how much they do, I have no complaints or even disappointments over the last few years. Thanks BrewDog!

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