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My purchase was a Fostex 6301BX Active Desktop Monitor. I have a specific use for it as a small fold-back monitor at the side of a lectern in a large hall to allow the lecturer to hear directly the output of roving radio stick microphones in the audience, but that doesn't preclude its use in other situations. It was a familiar item to me, because of my broadcasting background, where this loudspeaker is convenient in outside broadcasts situations when used as a studio fold-back loudspeaker or some form of talk-back loudspeaker. There are different versions of this same loudspeaker, and the one with a balanced XLR input is more expensive - so take care to compare like with like!

I searched many possible suppliers, and Soundexposure was the cheapest, with no delivery charge to be considered, and ordering was easy. Shortly after placing the order, I received a telephone call from Soundexposure to check with me that a single loudspeaker was correct (one after all would normally expect two). This told me that somebody was paying attention, and dealing immediately with the order.

My order was placed on a Friday with normal delivery (free, as I have already said), so a week-end intervened. It was safely delivered, and handed directly to me on the Monday. It was well packaged to deal with any poor treatment en-route, but there was no sign at all of any external damage and the loudspeaker was in mint condition.

The loudspeaker lives up to my expectations, and I was impressed with the excellent service provided by Soundexposure and would highly recommend the Company.

Ken Osbourn MIPS
Managing Director
OK Sound Ltd

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