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Good and bad, USA, UK and Germany

I use Amazon a LOT, in the USA, UK and Germany and I find the service to be terrific, the deliveries on time, and the return policies quick and fair. I have only one complaint, but it's MAJOR to my life. Because I'm residing in Germany now, it would be easiest and quickest for me to use Amazon.de, but the language problem just makes it way too hard. I end up using Amazon.co.uk most of the time, but not everything they have can be shipped to Germany. WHY can't the German site be in English, too? There are SO many English speakers here, I'm sure the site would do more business if it had an English language version.


Aldi in Germany

Aldi in Germany is a terrific place to shop, and it's gotten better since a decade or so ago. Aldi now carries many Bio products (organic) and a terrific variety of produce at hard-to-beat prices. I've lately been buying eggplant (aubergine) for between 40 and 80 euro cents each, while they cost at least a euro more at Edeka or Tengelmann.

There are also good prices on a good brand of make-up, on a number of Italian food items. candy, lots of bread selections and on wine and hard spirits. When they have specials on electronics and home and garden items, one can save a bundle of money over the price in a store like Globus or MediaMarkt or the Bauhaus.

The Paris Pass

If you are a big museum-goer, and in Paris for at least 4 days, this is the pass for you.

For the ease of getting into museums, this pass is hard to beat. If you are NOT a big museum-goer, or if you've already seen all the museums that interest you in previous trips, you can probably get along without it. We did not end up using it as much as I would have liked because the grandkids did not want to attend as many museums as I thought. It was still nice to have the pass for the museums we DID see, at least five of them. We were there for a week. They also enjoyed the river boat cruise on the Seine. The hop-on hop-off bus is a great way to get a rest from all the walking while still doing some sightseeing.

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