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Lovely staff and very helpful

My grandson is soon to be going for his first job interview, so to look the part we took a family outing to purchase some impressive clothes such as a nice suit, shirt, trousers and shoes. I've shopped with Robin Elt many times before and always found them to be polite, with no trouble.
The girl that helped us found the perfect pair of formal shoes for my grandson and gave us several options to choose from.
I've been a customer for many years and I'm sure my grandson will be too.


Thank you for the quick delivery

I simply needed to put up a few shelves and was missing some wall brackets, ordered a few from the website and was happy to find them on my front door carpet in less than two days.


Lure bag at a great price with quick/free delivery too, very pleased

Who doesn't love a bit of fishing on a saturday morning?
I certainly do. I purchased the Wychwood Extremis Lure bag from Redfins this time last week for 10% off the regular price, with free delivery too because the total came to more than £25.
I got the bag on wednesday, giving me plenty of time before my saturday morning of fishing with my son.
The bag allows you to fit in 60 7 inch lures, or using dividers you can keep 120 3 inch lures in there, which is excellent as most lure bags i've found for this price are alot smaller, usually only fitting 90/100 in them.
Very pleased, will keep redfins in mind for when i need some more lures to fill this thing with.

Sportsco Uk

Great price & discount

Being in my mid 50's I need to start being more active to preserve my strength, so a year ago i started Golfing and also playing Badminton with my wife, which is a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy.
As i had only ever played once before, i purchased one of the cheap starter badminton rackets from sportsco-uk for about £20.
Even though it was a great racket for the price, i found that because i was playing on a daily basis i wanted to try a more expensive racket to see why there's such a difference in price.

I recently purchased the Yonex Arcsaber from sportsco-uk for £60, which sportsco reduced from £90 for me.
I've got to say it's a fantastic racket and i fully understand why people pay so much for sports equipment now.

Thanks to sportsco-uk for giving me big discounts and quality products, i'll make sure to come back to you when i want to upgrade to the Arcsaber 7.


Personally recommended me a bargain starter rifle

I purchased the birchwood casey gallery self resetting target from allcocks for a friend for Christmas, unfortunately my friend had only just bought himself one a few weeks before so gave me this one back.
Instead of returning the target for my money back, I called Allcocks and told them about the situation, and the person on the other end personally recommended me one of their bargain value rifles for me to start with.
Now I’m practically using my rifle every day because it’s got to be the most fun I’ve ever had in my life! I really appreciate the help Allcocks gave me so will definitely be a returning customer when I want to upgrade my rifle.

Boards Direct

The children love their felt noticeboard - Convinced school to buy more

A couple of months ago I found the site Boards Direct, selling a variety of felt noticeboards at decent prices.
I purchased one of the aluminium frame felt noticeboards for my year 3 classroom at school, so I can hang up pictures and the children can create their own felt pictures.
Anyway the noticeboard is a huge hit, it arrived 5 days after I purchased and was easy to put up, so I had the kids making a farm animal picture out of felt animals, which they absolutely loved.
It’s been such a good buy that I’ve managed to convince the school to purchase atleast another 5 felt noticeboards for some of the younger classes.
Very pleased and we are definitely purchasing again.

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