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Appalling service

This review refers to ABLE GROUP. I arranged for an engineer to connect my gas cooker - anytime after 3pm - on the day I moved into my new flat (6th February 2012). No one called and when it got to 4pm I called the company who said they would contact the engineer to find out where he is and get him to call me. I had to call back twice more. He finally phoned around 5.15pm to say he couldn't make it. He promised to come at 11am the following morning. At around midday the next day a lady called from his company to find out if the work had been done. I explained that he hadn't turned up again and she apologised, told me she would get on to him and that she would give me a 10% discount to compensate for the trouble. She was very nice and sympathetic and I asked her why they employ someone like that who gives the company such a bad name. She told me that they don't have anyone else to cover this particular area. I wondered why they don't train one of thousands of unemployed. It was 1.00pm when he called to tell me he was on his way - 1.30 when he rolled up. When he arrived he had a silly attitude, never apologised and in the middle of the job left the flat to take a call. I assumed it was business, which would have been okay with me, but several minutes later he returned talking enthusiastically about the car his wife's new four wheel drive - or something. As if I care. I caught myself staring at him with my mouth open. By then I just wanted him to finish the job and leave. To be honest I thought at first that he was drunk, but this is probably just the way he is:- dozy, slurred, all over the place. On the invoice I noticed that he spelt 'avenue' - 'avinu'!!
The people at the company were perfectly polite but unable to do much to help. Why employ someone like this?!! In the end it means that they don't really care either. Even with the 10% discount it cost me £68.40 to connect my gas oven. To get it disconnected at my old address I paid around £54.

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