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Chemist Direct - UK's Online Pharmacy. Fast, discreet & secure.

Fast delivery - excellent value for money

I purchased 4 bottles of specialist anti- perspirent that retails in B***s for £7.30 each. At Chemist Direct they were £5.49 each and, even with postage, I saved money!!

Package arrived within a few days - very pleased. Will definitely look for other purchases from them.


Repeat customer - no problems

I've used Eden twice now. First for flowers last Christmas and for a hamper this Christmas. Recipient most delighted on both occasions. Easy online ordering, precise, prompt delivery and quality product.

I've had no problems at all and will definitely use again.

Sentinel Car Park

Great start to your hols

Located just a very short distance from Leeds Bradford airport, Sentinel car parking was efficient, hassle free and the office and shuttlebus staff friendly. Great rates too!



We made an impulse purchase at Dixons Manchester Airport on 21 March 2012 of a Panasonic Waterproof DVD camera, specifically to capture our day at Discovery Cove but also useful for the rest of our holiday too - or so we thought.

Sunday 25 March Discovery Cove, husband takes camera into pool to film and the screen fills with water, absolutely no use whatsoever. Not one second of film.

Informed dixons via email when we had Internet access to be told that thier refund policy was 21 days. As we are in the US until 20 April we would be outside their refund period but we could contact Panasonic to have the camera repaired. As it hasn't ever actually worked, how can it be repaired. It failed to meet the purpose it was purchased for and therefore is no longer required.

Fortunately, our son is returning to the Uk just a day inside the refund period and, as the purchase was made in cash, it will be returned for a full refund as it is faulty and not fit for purpose under the Trades Description Act.

This review is posted as a heads up to anyone who is tempted to make a purchase at Manchester Airport or any other Dixons Airport store, and who is likely to be outside the UK beyond the Dixon's 21 day refund period. They do not take any circumstance into account and I have the emails to back this up.

Simply Electronics Ltd.

In stock at time of ordering - 3 weeks and still no ipad!!

A recurring theme it seems. Website stated 'in stock' despatch 2-4 days, so placed my order, money taken immediately from my credit card. Waited 5 days and called to see check order status. I say called, I never actually spoke to a human! Customer helpline is a complete waste of time. 'You are in a queue, your call will be answered in 27 minutes, if you want to hang up and call back the system will recognise your number and put you back in your spot in the queue'. Three hours and 5 calls later, all saying the same as above but varying wait times, I decided to email. Email was responded to by a 'client experience officer' who explained that 'due to high demand they were experiencing delays in despatch'.

Numerous emails chasing my order have failed to extract a despatch date from them. My next email will be to cancel the order and to contact MB for my money. Having already paid a months interest on it on my cc!!

If this company takes £500 from 1000 (figure as example only, I'm sure the turnover is far, far greater!!), sits on it for a month with no goods to despatch, even if everyone of the 1000 cancels their order, they will have had interest on £5000 for a month.

If they were honest about their lead times. If they had said 28 days and meant it I could have decided if that was acceptable to me or not.
But to keep pretending or not saying when it will be despatched, it's a despicable way to run a business and the authorities should close it down!

I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever touch these people again with a bargepole. I would rather pay the extra at Argos/PC World or whoever and have the immediate use of it. Lesson learned.

ORDER AT YOUR PERIL - you might be lucky - you might not, who knows?

If it quacks like a duck, it is a duck!!!


I have just been on SE website and they have 2 ipads in stock so I was thinking of ordering one. TOTAL LIARS!!!!

I just hope I save someone today from placing an order for an imaginary ipad that does exist.

I cannot believe the positive feedback on here for this site. DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT EITHER!!

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