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Bluebella offer fantastic quality at great prices.

Well I have not ordered from here before, but I am certainly glad I did. I ordered a couple of items for a surprise gift and they arrived quickly and well packed. What I was more pleased with though was the great quality of each of the items. They were well received as I think they thought I had spent more than I did, so I was double pleased by the end result. Keep up the great work Bluebella!


Super fast delivery at Bedtime Heaven

I always like it when I get my order faster than I expected and this was certainly the case. I ordered a couple of bits at work on Tuesday and it states that delivery can take 1 to 3 days with standard delivery. Well to my amazement it was delivered the very next morning. The package was well packed, but I am yet to test run the goods!


Great delivery from Zoggs and nice products

Needed a pair of goggles for the kids and opted to buy them here as they had the style they both wanted. Not sure what to add other than what a great service they offer with quick delivery of your items. I think they have enough ratings to confirm they are a great company but thought I would add my experience with them too on here.


They will take your money and then want more.

Be warned about this company as they are a law unto themselves. You pay £300 or so for a survey and then they will state you need another survey for £899 when you don't. They write a poor report that states you need another report to maximise their money. They will rip you off for well over £ 1200 when a local more honest service will only cost you about £300 - £400 for a complete service. You have been warned!

Live Interactive Media Events Ltd

Quick and easy website.

Well I must admit I had never heard of the company, but was recommended to buy from they by a well known manufacturer. Well I can see why as they were polite and efficient in getting my order to me the very next day. Great product and great service. Well Done


Fantastic Service all round.

I have used them regularly for some time as they always offer great value on almost everything they sell. They price match and deliver quickly every time I have used them. Having had one problem in the past they dealt with it extremely professionally and quickly resolved the problem. Rest assured that you can enjoy a top notch service with this great company.


Super fast and efficient service

Perfect service from start to finish. Bag arrived and shipped the phone off. I received an email to let me know it had arrived and one a day or two later to say the money had been transferred. Money arrived within hours. Fantastic service.


Onepiece have appalling customer service

I shall not go into the full story as none of you would bother to read it all as the review would be so long. In short, they sent me the wrong sized item and i had no problem in them resolving the matter as I fully understand that we all make genuine mistakes. Well my problem is that I have still not had the item replaced and communication with them is about as poor as it gets. Avoid them unless you get the right item delivered.

Well packaged and fast delivery. What more can you ask for.

After hunting the internet to find a specific bottle for a birthday, I stopped here. Well I must say that the service provided was top class. You are informed of your purchase and dispatch via email to keep you informed of the progress. It arrived quickly and well packaged to. Guess the last thing they need is a broken bottle in the post. Well done!


Super prices and service.

I decided to treat myself and found the wallet I was looking for online here at almost 30% cheaper than anywhere else. Order was placed and the delivery turned up the next working day (Tuesday) as I placed the order on Saturday. Well wrapped in bubble wrap and emailed during the process stage. An amazing bargain with 5 star delivery thrown in. Thank you


5 star company and 5 star service

I left buying a present a little late, so opted to go online and order directly. They had what I wanted in stock and the order was placed. One word of warning as the next day delivery option looks really expensive at the point of ordering. I paid the extra £15, yes £15 for a next day delivery. What I didn't realise was that it is a before 9am delivery service and that it why it cost so much. Present was a success and I was kept up to speed with the delivery.


Shame to couriers aren't as good

It may seem a little harsh as the loss of one star is due to the delivery company. Pricing was great and product was fantastic. All delivered on time as and requested. However, the item arrived with the box completely torn open with the end missing and you could simply pull out each part. I know its not directly your fault, but it was a little annoying to say the least.


Great prices at Asda

I have just ordered a new iron online through Asda. I have not used them before, but the ordering process was straight forward and quick. What I liked most however, was the price. They were over 25% cheaper than the nearest competitor. Dont know how they do it, but I have certainly got a great bargain.


Super site

Its nice to have a website where you can monitor thousands of websites and quickly get an understanding of the company you are looking to buy from. It do agree with your email that kicking off the "fake" reviews is a great idea, but I feel that Facebook is not the right channel for this. It may be an idea to wait until someone has posted more than one or two reviews before they are published. Most of the "fake" reviewers only ever make one post.


On time delivery

I placed an order online with the indicated delivery time being 3 days. Well, its 3 days later and arrived via a very help TNT delivery driver. Great product and delivered on time too. Only negative point I can mention is the delivery charge is very expensive (in my opinion anyway)


Great Sale Offers

Believe it or not, I have never ordered from Tesco Direct until fairly recently. I ordred a new table from the sale section at a hugely reduced price. Well, it arrived quickly as exactly as described on the website. I must say the price was fantastic, the product very good and the delivery was super quick too. Well done Tesco Direct, i will be back again!

Wiggle rock

I have ordered from Wiggle a few times and every time the service is great. It arrives well packaged and in good time, every time. The prices are keen, but the service is fab. Well done Wiggle

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Not the biggest gambler but..

The navigation around the site is easy and the deals offered seem to offer great value compared to some others. I am not a big gambler and only spend around £5-10 a month, but I have always had a great experience when using them. Even better, I am in a positive position with them too, albeit around a fiver!


Worst service ever from Nationwide Hire UK Ltd

This company are in my own humble opinion the worst company I have ever dealt with. A vehicle was rented from them to be delivered and collected over a 2 day period. The vehicle turned up without any problems and was used that day. They then collected it after having checked over the vehicle to ensure that it was in the same condition etc. The next thing I receive is an invoice for fuel totalling around £40, although they had chekced this before driving off. Well, they have done nothing about it and I even have the receipt for the fuel put into the car. Needless to say, its now gone legal to get my money back. Daylight robbery like I have never been subjected to before.


Terrible Customer Services

Over the years I have ordered a number of times from M & S, but had never dealt with their Customer Services dept before. I had delivered a dining room table, chairs and sideboard all from the same collection to "match". Well the table and chairs arrived, with damage to 2 of the chairs (legs dented in 3 seperate places). The sideboard at best, had the same pattern, but differed in colour significantly. After weeks of dealing with them, they finally offered a discount on the chairs. However, as I had signed for the unit they were not prepared to do anything more. They will loose a lot of business from me over the coming years, thats for sure.

Monster Supplements

Amazing customer service

I have used MS on many occasions and always found them reliable on delivery and service, so surprised to see so many unhappy customers. Due to courier failure on 2 deliveries they have instantly resolved the problems and re-shipped the goods without any hassle at all. Can't remember the name of the female CS manager, but she's a credit to the company. Big thumbs up from me.


Good PC and quick delivery

I recently bought a new Laptop from them as the old one finally gave up on me (after 5 years though). I bought the new one and it was delivered about 5 days later after being built. I was happy with the product, but have knocked a star off of the service as their customer service dept could do with improving a little. They are slow to respond and do need a little nudge in the right direction to get the problem sorted. But yes, all is sorted now and the Laptop is fantastic.


Always great service from SVP

I buy from SVP every 6 months or so and have used them for about 8 years now. They always have a great range of Disks and often they have a few other fun items that are worth buying for the family (usb drives etc). They always seem to deliver on time and the products are well packed too. I have encountered one delivery problem with them, but to their credit they even resolved that problem by delivering the correct item the next morning. Top customer service in my books.

Bedroom Pleasures

Bedroompleasures are online robbers

Well, where do I begin with this one. To keep it short and sweet, I placed an order online early in February to buy a cheeky Valentines gift for the wife. After numerous telephone calls and emails I still HAVE NOT received anything at all. No goods and certainly no refund as I have checked again earlier today. I would suggest you take note of the other comments below and avoid this company at all costs. Well if you value your hard earnt money you should.


Quick delivery from Top Gear Superstore

I ordered a new crash helmet from them as they were much cheaper than anywhere else on the internet. I know it was an old model, but they were almost £ 50 cheaper. Ordered and arrived the very next day. What more can a customer ask for. Superb


Excellent Service from House of Fraser

I have ordered online with them a number of times and have never had a bad experience. I have selected both home delivery and the collect instore options on various occasions. They have always delivered quickly and kept me informed of the progress. Great company to deal with.


Ok, but service not great.

I ordered a set of Skull Candy headphones for my nephew and needed them the next day. I rang them straight after to ensure that this happened after paying the extra shipping costs. They were rather slow in confirming anything at all and told me I had to wait until they printed out the orders. I never heard anything again, even after chasing them later the same day (about 6 hours later) and the good arrived 2 days later. Not overly impressed after paying £ 5 for delivery and not getting them when needed.

14 May 2013

Reply from Decks

Hi Philip,

Sorry to hear you've had that experience, we have been improving our sales and after-sales service actively for the last 6 months, so it definitely should be better now! £5 is what our courier service charges us for delivery, normally it's next business day, however in some rare occasions it can take up to two business days, depending on the area.

Best Regards, Team

Orange Recycle

iPhone recycle

I decided to go with Orange as they offered a good price and I had not heard of some other companies offering slightly higher values for my phone. I sent the phone off the same day and received my money about 10 days later. I have given them 4 stars as I have used Envirofone before and they paid the monies in only 3 days later.


Great Mothers Day Gift

I always struggle to find something to buy for Mothers Day, so I set out last week to order something online. I was recommended this site by a friend and I can now see why. The order came well packed in a box and inside was a lovely presented gift box that I am sure she will love.

John Lewis

Helpful service

I ordered a new mattress online and it was delivered within the time period given. I must however give praise to the 2 members of staff that delivered the item. Polite, extremely helpful and completed the delivery at a great speed. Well done!


Quick Delivery

Ordered my Driver online and received the club the very next day. Great Service, just as I always receive in the local shop too. American Golf are great.


Avoid at all costs

I have been chasing them for over 3 weeks for a credit as nothing has arrived and still nothing. They cut me off on the phone and never reply to emails. DO NOT deal with this company if you are looking for a trouble free experience. This encounter has taken up almost 6 weeks of my life and I just wish I had never seen this company advertising on google with cheap prices. I should have realised that cheap prices equals cheap service.

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