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BRACKETS R US, 123 BRACKETS, BRACKETS 4 U are all the same CRIMINAL company

bracket r us , tv brackets 4u, 123 brackets are all the same company! do not order with any of them, no service at all, no return policy!! this company should be illegal, they pretend to sale various type of brackets for various tv size but it's not true at all, they are all the same brackets!!! brackets witch suppose to fit a 32 inch tv will be the same than a bracket for a 44 inch!!! they are all the same model of bracket at different price!!!!!! It's criminal and they've been doing that for years!! please help me to stop them!!!
BRACKET R US, 123 BRACKETS, TV BRACKETS 4 U are all teh same CRIMINAL company. do not order with them!!! NEVER

+ they all promise next day delivery, absolutely unacceptable as they send goods on normal and cheap post!!!!!

Do not order with them



tv brackets 4u, 123brackets, bracket r us , are all the same company. terrible company, poor service!! criminals: they advertise and sale different kind of brackets, various size, but they are all the same!!!! BE CAREFUL DO NOT ORDER WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!


do not use terrible!! tv brackets 4u and brackets r us same company

experience with that company was totally unacceptable!! poor service + criminals. on their website they sale different kind of brackets with different size and prizes... but they are all the same!!!!!!
be careful DO NOT USE BOTH COMPANY tv barckets 4u and brackets r us! same company!!!!
123 brackets is the same company as well!!!! do not use neither!!

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