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Excellent build - with disks!

I ordered a slightly tweaked Fusion Skyline just after Christmas. I'd expected there to be a backlog over Christmas, but it came through very quickly, so they must have worked hard to get stuff out.

I was astonished by how fast it booted the first few times - of course, virus monitors etc tend to slow it down slightly now. The Cooler Master Elite 430 case is certainly impressive in looks and the neon effect means I never have to look closely to see whether it's on or not. And I'm always impressed by a tidily cabled machine.

And with the package came - what's this? Disks! Yes, real, live CDs / DVDs containing the machine's software - none of this nonsense about restoring from a secure partition on a disk that's just gone phut!!

The case leads me to the only negative - obviously it's an aspect of that Cooler Master design but when I came to transfer the wireless card from my old PC to the new, I found the need to punch out the strip of metal covering the PCI slot a little disconcerting - I'm used to unscrewing a blanking plate. And if I decide to remove the card later, there was no tidy way of blanking the resulting hole off. The other thing was that I needed to rob the screws from the old PC to fix both the wireless card in place and the 2nd hard disk that I transferred myself from my old machine. (I dare say I could have used the tool-less fixing for the 2nd hard disk but the power cabling in place meant that the "obvious" position for that drive was next to the one Chillblast installed - some way from the tool-less cradles.) No particular issue over transferring screws but I suggested to them that it would be a nicer customer experience if a bag of spare screws were provided with the case.

An impressive machine and here's to many years service from it...

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