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Howe is this Air company..

Am sorry about this, but i will never try to fly with this company. It is too much in the news, and always with something creepy to tell about services and how they treat their employe's.. I don't like this attitude from an company.. Well maybe it's cheep, but i guess it is many cheep flight companies that we can fly with. Sorry, i rather stay home than fly with RyanAir....


Sorry, but...

First this was very nice, keep in-touch and so on.. But now, ho wants to know what people are doing every second, and all this new changes on the site, that irritates me.. I just have this site for my friends now, but i think i'll just delete the account soon... Sorry


Ohhh i finally tryed Paypal..

I was afraid trying this PayPal thing.. But now i finally got to try this.. I actually needed to use this, because i ordered some goods on internet, and the only way for me was buy through PayPal.. So i did.. And you know what.... It was actually very convenient and nice.. So know am not afraid using it again...


Perfect for translations and finding "things" on the net..

I use internet translation very often from Google, it works excellent. And also when i search for things on the net, i find more hits with Google than others...


This company is the best ever, when it comes to service..

They always smiling, the service is always nice The best in fact i have experienced in a flight company . So now i try always to take Turkish Airways to my destinations...

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You can always trust this company, when you fly

They are always on time. If there is any delays, you always got information on what is happening. They will always give you, what expected from them, The service on board is always good.

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I was in doubt.... BUT am not anymore...

You can trust this company.. They give you the service you need and expect.. I was at first in doubt when first ordering, but then i got this feeling of personal service and they where updating me all the time. Am not in doubt any more, and i want to say that this company delivers what you expect.... :-)

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