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The last refuge for the desperate

I decided to try Gumtree as the costs (as a Seller) for using e-Bay have escalated to a very high level.
Even applying fees on postage which is absurd.
Please bear in mind that Gumtree is owned by - you can guess - e-Bay.
I went into using Gumtree as a Seller with my eyes open as I had heard some pretty awful stories.
I guess with e-Bay you get a sense that there is some semblance of the buyer and seller protection.
Gumtree is a jungle which is not helped by their own systems which are inadequate.
Before trying to sell something on Gumtree I wanted to get a used iPhone.
Whilst there are genuine sellers I saw one locally which looked to be good to be true.
In an effort to smoke this guy out I asked a number of questions which a genuine seller would be prepared to answer.
Shortly after this I received an e-mail from Gumtree saying this guy was a suspected fraudster so don't take this further.
They also rightly deleted the ad.
I was reassured by this is I thought I'd try an sell something.
I know what I'm doing but the ad didn't post.
I ask why and am told that I had violated Gumtree rules and I was barred from using Gumtree and they wouldn't discuss the matter.
End of.
Phoning them costs an arm and a leg and they wouldn't respond to e-mails.
Therefore I wrote to them demanding, under the rules pertaining to the Data protection Act, what information they had on file as is my right.
After a while I get an e-mail from Gumtree admitting a mistake with a reluctant apology.
I have tried to sell a few things on Gumtree and the experience is painful despite being quite brutal in my listings about things.
The items I sell are priced to sell so I am no interested in offers.
I don't deliver, which I put in block capitals.
Even so I had one person ask if I'll make a 40 mile round trip for an item which cost £10.
It seems to me that the accepted rules of the Gumtree jungle if you're a buyer is that you ignore what people put down in terms of price and frankly people don't read what you write.
The most frustrating aspect is the number if complete time wasters you get which is demoralising, time consuming and massively frustrating.
For example.
"This is exactly what I want can I pick it up tomorrow"
I reply yes, supply my address and we agree a time.
Then no one shows up.
I e-mail and ask if there was a problem and the answer is "yeah I changed my mind".
This has happened on a few occasions and unlike e- Bay you can't leave Feedback.
Even though they are part of the same organisation I have reluctantly reverted back to e-Bay.
I also discovered Preloved.com who, although doesn't have the audience reach of Gumtree/e-Bay I have sold product through successfully without the awful Gumtree experience.


They don't care, so why should you

Letter dated April 2003 from HSBC heralding "A Relationship Manager for all your needs".
A new era.
A turnkey financial service blah blah blah
Great, in principle except that this took seven (7) months for them to announce who this person would be.
So who was in "control" in those 7 months - no-one until I threw my bricks out the pram.
I then get a Relationship Manager who seems OK and I spend considerable time with him over some quite complex matters only to discover on Linkedin that in January he no longer works for HSBC.
Hardly prodessional, especially as HSBC talk about Relationships but clearly fail to understand what that actually means.
No-one tells me, I have no idea who is now my "Relationship Manager" and what's happening over recommendations they are supossedly making.
You then get other notices from them.
Here's a good one, "you're Savings Account will now drop to 0.10%".
Very unappealing verging on insulting.
So I try and see what they can do ... 4 weeeks later no suggestions made.
HSBC really have the the "customer" plot.
There are BLOGS out there that rip them to shreds so HSBC should take note and address consumer concerns.
That little girl (who has the lemonade stand in their ads) seems to be more dialled into what consumers want than HSBC even though this was HSBC's creation!!

Cartridge Shop

2nd time around just as good

Used these guys once before and the price, speed of delivery was top class but the acid test is how good the prduct is.
To be honest my wife and i were amazed at how long this cartridge laset without needing a replacement.
Assumimg this purchase is as good then I would unreservedly recommned this company to anyone.


Hard to be,ue e that they remain in business

Without Prejudice
The boom in Cycling I guess keeps them afloat but the customer experience is beyond belief.
There's no point in complaining as the compaints team don't bother to ask your opinion and are toothless.
They give a sanitised 'corporate" response which is based on the customer is always wrong.
Took my car for a new radio for my wife.
No expertise on site but happy to take your money.
Went back and left with a bigger problem than when I started.
A big hole where a once working radio was with the bracket bent beyond repair (I was told that removal of bracket would take two minutes not an hour).
No-one on site to help.
Manager as useful as a chocolate teapot.
Complained and told my problem not theirs but gave refund.
The customer experience is everything and as businesses like Comet and countless others discovered deliver this or go out of business.
Really shoddy and unprofessional experience, never again.

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Gamola Golf


Everything went to plan so have no comments which is the highest praise I can give.
I want a hassle-free distance selling experience which is what I got.

Glasses Direct


I wanted a pair of budget reading glasses as many Opticans are rip-off merchants.
The entry level deal was very good value and TBH, I expected there to be a catch.
They did their best to up-sell you in the process (they would view it as providing more options) but overall the process was simple and easy.
The comms was good and the speed of service excellent.
The product (for the money) is excellent.
The case supplied isn't great but you can't really complain at these prices!!


Its about data collection

THis programme is about collecting consumer data.
CokeZone is at its core about this as you have willingly surrendered your e-mail address and other information about yourself which they can then use in the future for further marketing initiatives.
In fact The Trojan Horse behind Loayatly Programmes like this is obtaining Data about you.
Over time you surrender lots of valuable information about yourself and they use it to sell you more or find out more through sophisticated analytics.
This employs things like Lifetime and Predictive Modelling.
In terms of this Loyalty Programme think that Coke embarked on something which they now can't back out of and have taken a position of significantly reducing the value and desirability of the Prizes before extracitating themselves from this loyalty initiative.
IMO they misread the demand, when they first set CokeZone up, and went through a big cost cutting exercise which is reflected in the sub standard level of rewards.
In effect it's a two-step process having realised that the appeal of this programme is far greater than they expected and redemptions are running at a much higher level than predicted costs are running higher than they budgeted for.
So they decide to dumb the whole thing down which reduces costs with pretty mediocre prizes so that consumers start to get cheesed off (as many posts indicate) .
Step two is when they take the decison to close it down which wll be less of an issue as many are disenfranchised with it anyway.
The costs involved in setting something like this up must be quite high but Coke are savyy enough to have undergone a rigorous Return on Investment modelling.
To address some questions about how Coke have responded to the disappointment many have felt and their claims that Consumers are satisified with this initiative is not surprising.
All these companies are heavy users of Research and this can often tell you what you want it to tell you.
You NEVER hear of any Brand admit to a mistake.
It might sound like being damned by faint praise but the website design, navigation etc is first class ... the sad thing is that it stills just leads you to a set of Fridge Magnets.

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