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Identity Theft Victim Speaks Out

Last Saturday I received an email alert from my bank of unusual activity on my debit card. I checked my account online and saw an unauthorized charge for almost $700 to a UK website I had never heard of called

I immediately called my bank's fraud department and alerted them that there was an unauthorized charge and I filed a fraud claim, and they put a block on the debit card so the identity thief/scammer who had obtained the card number couldn't do any more damage. My bank then reversed the fraudulent charge.

3 days later I look at my bank balance and the fraudulent charge has once again shown up and money has once again been taken from my account. Apparently Lipsy filed a claim because the fraudulent charge made by the identity thief was reversed. So I had to file another claim to try to recover the money that has been stolen from me via Lipsy's website.

I am getting hit with daily overdraft fees as a result of the double whammy of the theft of my identity and debit card by the original identity thief, and Lipsy taking money from me the identity theft victim rather than going after the criminal who they allowed to purchase items with a stolen debit card on their website (a website which obviously has piss poor security if it doesn't have safeguards in place in its checkout system to prevent criminals from using stolen debit cards on its site.)

So now I've been victimized twice: once by the identity thief who obtained my debit card info, and then again by Lipsy who filed a claim to grab money from me, the identity theft victim, rather than trying to catch the identity thief who stole my info and card.

To summarize: the identity theft victim gets screwed, and both the identity thief (who ordered items with the stolen card) and Lipsy (who made a profit on the items it sold the thief) end up making a buck off the theft of my identity.

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