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lots of research ..

Page Plus cellular is a virtual network provider ... meaning they lease their network from other providers - in this case Verizon.

So great coverage, incredible prices, decent customer service.

For the price, i don't expect good customer service ... and yes, it used to be pretty entertaining to call a service rep ; 15 minute wait to talk to someone who would possibly hang up on you if they didn't know the answer.

but recently, 12/2011, whenever i call , i get really really great service - quick, knowledgeable, and friendly - way beyond what i pay.

No contract, lots of plans, pay as you go, monthly auto bill.
Unlimited plan is $39.95.

I have a great plan that is perfect for me -
The 12 ; 250 minutes, 250 texts, 10mb data a month for $12 - no tax.

My phone has wi-fi and i am frequently around a hotspot , also using google phone for longer phone calls.

The one catch with Page Plus is that they want you to buy their phones .. really limited and kinda expensive.

but you can use any verizon phone - but some of the services - like internet connectivity - might not work.

I highly suggest the palm pre pixi plus on ebay ... all the service work with Page Plus, and its a great touchscreen qwerty phone with wifi and really great OS all for under $50. ( it would be perfect if it was CDMA and i could use it in other countries. )


this board is being shilled ...

I have been a wix user for 3 years now.
very easy to design your own website.
super tweakable.
the customer support ; technical and billing have been very responsive and informative. Wix has a huge community forum - big helpful tips and information - headed up by customer service moderators.
SEO smart.

I don't have a wix tattoo on my ass, but just had to balance out what is a shilled board with lots of posts clearly mistaken or shilling/lying ...

ie, posts about "not tweakable" with no definitive examples.
or statements like "no visibility for mobile" ... not true ; wix has a very easy to use editor for creating a non-flash mobile device ( apple ) website. One of my clients was impressed when she needed directions and accessed my mobile website while on the road.

I have used dreamweaver and rapidweaver. I have found wix to be the easiest wsysiwyg for the most creative options.

wix is great if you like to create, own a business, you are a doer - not a lil' shill bee-otch, and want SEO exposure.

I loved every moment of playing with wix editor features, creating, tweaking my website, sitting back, and looking at it .. it is a beautiful thing. really . not plugging ... see for yourself ..

04 January 2013

Reply from WIX

We are truly grateful for posts like these.

Thank you so much, Lawrence.

Maybe it should be us getting a Lawrence tattoo?!

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