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UK Mail

A delivery service that deliver and provide a service

I was really pleased with the service provided by UKmail, now to be honest I have come to expect that deliveries are not going to be good. In the past I have had all sorts of dramas with rude delivery people in a rush to get on with their jobs etc. I have had items left in bins, on the front door step and even posted over the back gate where my dogs chewed the item to bits.
So I must give Ukmail 5 stars for basically doing what you would expect. My delivery person came to the door first to check that I was in, as the parcel was quite heavy. I opened the door and he explained that he would get the parcel and he proceeded to bring it into the house for me. He was polite and courteous and had a general positive vibe when delivering. He provided the service you would expect and many other delivery companies would do well to learn by this example by turning up, being polite and leaving with a good job done. Many thanks.


How much?

Found a great holiday price etc, called to book and the price increased by hundreds. Once the luggage, transfers and recommended room upgrade added on it wasn't such a great deal. The person taking the call couldn't speak clear English and had trouble understanding me (call lasted an hour!), not what I expected from such an easy to use and comprehensive site. All the work is done by the holiday maker, still saved a few quid, but next time I'll pay the extra and have someone do all the legwork for me.


A Lazy mans heaven!

Great idea, great site, easy to use (problems sometimes when paying online with card, but that could be my fault for all I know!)
Just remember to specify little things e.g. we ordered fish and chips when they came they had no salt and vinegar (sacrilege!), so make sure if you like something a certain way that you specify.


I remember the good old days

Having used ebay for many years as a buyer and a seller and been happy with the service.....untill recently.
Yes you can still grab a bargain if your extremely lucky, but it seems that many sellers are over hyping the quality of their items, or not stating faults with them.
In a recent case I had to open a dispute, it took some time to resolve and I got all my money back, but it took nearly 3 weeks and after the issue was resolved the seller kept on pestering for me to give a positive review on his shoddy sales. Not impressed, but a couple of recent problems over several years of use isn't that bad (just hope its not a precedent!)


Very nice, for the price!

Play.com has served me well over several years, when they've made a whoopsy you send the items back and either get your money back or a new item. Only 4 stars though, sometimes the quality of items that have not been reviewed have not been up to scratch, and delivery times vary from excellent to sometime in the future. So if you fancy a bargain visit play.


Great for last minute bookings

Used laterooms.com several times and had a great experience every time, once you've set up an account it's quick and easy, and you have the option to review your stays with them afetr the event. Generally the hotel owners prefer cash payment (but don't they always!). Sometimes better deals can be found if you can be bothered with in depth searches, and check other reviews on different sites before booking. Very recommendable so far.

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