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Extensions & Scissors, Mousses & Gell's Everything for hair - Hairsupermarket sells

Babylis 13mm Hot brush. I purchase these regularly, for some reason they do not last very long, no fault of Hairsupermarket, its the manufacturer.

Hairsupermarket has always given me good value for money and service, over the years I have been purchasing from them, usually the product ordered is here the next day, unless I order it late in the evening, or over the weekend. What more can you ask for?

The items are displayed clearly, with a good description, and very visible price, its the best site for electrical hair products I know.

Fast. Reliable. Reasonably Priced, what more can you ask for??

I have only ever had one problem and that was resolved in a matter of minutes, when I emailed, its so nice to deal with this company, why shop anywhere else, and with delivery to your door, what more can you ask, and today its free delivery, so double bonus.

Keep up the good work, And thank you for all your help over the past years, and looking forward to many more years of service from you too.

National Accident Helpline

Persistant, Pushy

I found NAH to be very pushy, constant phone calls.

I had the paperwork from the solicitor, and noticed that even though it said no win no fee, I was asked if I had house, car, or any insurance that had legal cover, if I didn't win my case, then that would pay NAH's solicitor, as I haven't got this, they will take out an insurance policy on the case, that's if they decide to go ahead, so where is the NO WIN NO FEE??? TV ad's never mentioned taking out insurance to cover the expenses!!!!

Haven't heard back yet, but when I do I will rate the rest of the service on that.

Watch this space!!!!!

12 October 2012

Reply from National Accident Helpline

We can assure you that our services are completely free. The insurance premium you are referring to is for the after the event insurance policy. This fee is not payable up front and the cost can be recovered from the other side if your claim is successful. If your claim is unsuccessful, the policy is what is known as 'self insuring' and you would not be liable for this payment and therefore the service is no win no fee. We would suggest that you raise any further questions about this or any other aspect of your claim directly with your solicitor as they are a specialist in this area and are best placed to answer all of your queries. We hope that this has been helpful and has given you confidence in the no win no fee aspect of your claim. If there is anything else we can assist you with please get in touch by emailing feedback@nahl.co.uk


Rip Off, Poor Service, Does Not Live up to its claims

We swapped to BT for phone and broadband last year, everything was fine at first, until our printer packed up, so we got a new Kodak one, this was back in March last year, we set it up on the WIFI, it worked OK the first couple of times then after that it wouldn't print, this was due to the WIFI not detecting the printer, even though it was all set up correctly, and had worked fine at first, so we contacted Kodak, they said it should be OK, and did an online check of the printer, via our laptops, we have a HP and Sony.

Kodak said the printer was working fine and was set up correctly, so we contacted BT, after days of booking calls with their engineers, and them ringing us and taking us through all sorts of procedures, the WIFI still didn't recognise the printer, so we had to purchase a long USB lead and plug that into the printer and which ever laptop we were using at the time that needed to print, BT did offer to send out an engineer, but at a cost of £100, you must be joking, they are getting £17 a month, and the service is rubbish, it is forever running slow, or stopping, we get messages on a daily basis of "unable to access the internet at this time" and "Internet has stopped working", we never had this with Talk Talk, and it cost us a fraction of the cost we are paying for BT, I suggested BT to my Partner, as it is a known and trusted brand, but after this when the contract runs out we will not be renewing it, Plusnet looks a good deal, or the other one we are looking at is Sky, we would like Virgin, but there arn't any cable facilities in our area yet.

My advice, DON'T BOTHER WITH BT, its not worth it.


Best Supermarket By Far

ASDA has all you need for less than the rest, why shop anywhere else?

The offers are always good value, not just reduced after the prices have been hiked up for 28 days previous like some, and dropped back to the original price.

The clothing is value for money too, I have had 60 den tights for the winter from ASDA, they wash and ware well, in fact my previous ones were from ASDA, and they lasted me 4 years, not like some I brought from another supermarket, that have long gone, due to poor quality.

Why waste time gong to the rest, go to the best ASDA



My Partner had a Dell Laptop, it was the worst one he has ever had, he spent weeks on the phone to them, and them to him, sometimes for hours on end, and to no avail the problems just couldn't be resolved, it wasn't a cheap laptop, he ordered it on line, and configured it to his personal spec, but in the end after 6 months he ended up sending it back for them to sort it out and when it came back exactly the same, he gave up and purchased another make, I can say the replacement Sony has been no trouble at all.

I have had Dell equipment in the work place and they have always had lots of probllems, not worth the money, or the time you spend sorting out the problems


Rolls Royce of Vacuums, Don't Buy the Rest, Buy the Best, DYSON

I have had 4 houeshold and one handheld Dyson vacuums now, over the years, they may be a bit expensive, but they are worth it, you really see the difference when you use a Dyson for the first time on your carpets, the colour and pile are improved in one use.

I have had a DC02, which after several years finally gave up the ghost, well it was about 20 years old, then I had an upright, that I didn't like, so gave it to a friend and got another bug one, a DC19 I think, it worked as good as the others, no problems, now we have a DC32, works well, but is a little heavy to drag around, but it does the job, and you don't have to keep going over it to pick the bits up. its a once over and done.

I have a hand-held one too, which was the first one Dyson brought out, we use it in the house for little bits, like crumbs on the carpet, and things like that, and the car, when it gives up the ghost I will purchase another hand held.

Why buy the rest, when you can buy the best first time?


M&S Fantastic

I purchase quite a lot of things from M&S on line.

No problems with delivery or returns, and items are reasonably priced, shame they don't do the 99% british made they did years ago, but I reccomend them for Christmas items, for family and friends, and underware, especially bra's. very reasonably priced and they wash and ware well.

I will be purchasing on line again soon, it works for me.



I went to Halfords to have new wipers fitted, they cost a bomb.

My Partner has just had his done at a VW dealers, they did the fittiing for free, and the set of 3 wipers, front and back were £30, we checked out Halfords, and it was £30 for the front ones, and about £20 for the rear, with fitting on top.

The VW engineer showed my Partner how to park the wipers, to make it easy to replace them, and how the winter wiper care system works, Halfords probably wouldn't have known that, and would probably have just yanked the wipers up from under the edge of the bonnet.

More training for staff, and better more competative prices would be a bonus.



Prior to Christmas, we were standing in long cues at the checkouts, staff were scarce, and a member of staff standing at the checkout captin's station, when asked if they could open some more tills, to clear the 10 deep cue's we and others were in at 11am on a Thursday morning, decided to argue the point, not only is this a bad idea, but the poor staff on the checkouts were getting fed up with him too, apparently this person was fully checkout trained, but thought it was beneath him to actually open a checkout and help get people through.

I was asked if I knew there was a recession on? well yes I do, but that's no excuse for not sorting out staff rotas better, and having staff that could be taking money standing around doing nothing.

The Evesham store, has always got three or four staff at the Customer Service/Cigarett kiosk, even when there is no one waiting to pay, the same with the phone shop, shy not take half of these staff over to the checkouts to clear the backlog? It also wasn't good to argue with a customer in front of so many others, it shows that the staff are not being trained properly, and they have no respect for the Customers, has anyone thought of telling these people, there are more Customers than staff? And the Customers pay their wages???

Things didn't improve in the remaining weeks up to Christmas, and sorry but we have started shopping at ASDA, where the staff are more Customer focused and helpful, even though its about 20 miles away, not only are the prices cheaper, the food is better quality, the Butchery Counter has very nice meat, that is edible when cooked, not like Tesco, it goes tough and tasteless, no matter how slow you cook it, there are more offers in store each week than Tesco, and we tend to stock up on the months shopping and use Lidl and Aldi for things like bread and toilet rolls, the everyday essentials, because these are cheaper too.

Perhaps now their CEO can understand why they lost out over Christmas, if Aldi and Lidl can offer items at half the price Tesco put them out at, you are not going to pay for the store name when there is a recession on, are you?

Tesco need more staff training, and perhaps a return to the old values, "The Customer Is Always Right", don't argue with the people who pay your wages, without Customers Tesco has nothing to pay them with.

Its been a long time coming but the prediction of a fall from grace for Tesco has finally arrived, and about time too


Very good o2

I have been with o2 now for nearly 5 years now, have had problems with only one phone in all that time, I will say the repairs service was not as good as I expected, and if I hadn't still got my old phone at the time i would have been without one, as they hadn't got a spare one for me to use while mine was being repaired.

They don't tell you that its the o2 network that will not support Skype, its always the mobile phone manufacturer, and if asked they will always disagree with anything said about brands of mobiles, that you have found out from other suppliers, such as there was a problem with the latest Blackberry phones, they had a software issue, but o2 said they didn't, and low and behold, which phones were unusable for days last year? Blackberry.

I will say the shop in Worcester was very good when I did my upgrade, its the first time since I joined o2 that they brought out two phones for me to look at, and I love my Samsung Galaxy Ace, but I really wanted the Glaxy SII, but the offer I had been told about on line, was not available in store, according to the store, the offer had ended the day before, I could have the SII if I was prepared to pay £120 per month, I would never use that amount of calls in a month, and sorry but no mobile contract is worth that much, eve with a solid gold phone.

I think they need to take care of the long-term customers a lot better than they do.


Fantastic, Fast, & Favorite Shopping Site

Everything I have ordered from Pharmacy2U has arrived within a couple of days, usually ahead of the delivery date.

Always well packaged, all items are branded, no substitue items in place of the ones shown on the site.

Good value for money, and sometimes the savings are better than stated, I have never had a problem with them or the goods I have purchased, which is a bonus.

Why go to the shops and stand for ages waiting to pay at the checkout, when you can order on line and it arrives a couple of days later, for less? Gives you more time to do the things you want to do, than the things you have to do, and no lugging heavy bags, its delivered to your door.

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