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Over priced and scandalously so

It wouldnt be so bad that they are overpriced if they actually didnt, each week, make me have to go to customer service desk complaining that what I bought as buy one get one free is actually not shown as that on the reciept. Their prices are increasing disproportionately to income and even to cost price. Politicians blame the banks for this economic depression but I can assure you that the board room at sainsburys and their cronies at [external reference] etc etc etc are solely responsible for the majority of the excessive inflation rates. Their greed is beyond belief



Ebay are an aggrovating company who move too late and do too little to stop all the scams and fraud. You have to be certain you are buying from a seller that is trustworthy. My rule is that if the seller has less than %99.6 in their seller ratings then go elsewhere. This means it's time consuming and whenever you spend more than £50 or so you have to wonder whether you made the right choice of seller.
In disputes ebay usually believe the seller rather than the buyer as it costs more to get the money off the seller and risk losing them than it does to tell the buyer to clear off.
I still use ebay, dont get me wrong its great if you cant get something from a decent website. Buying from ebay is like buying a hifi from a flea market. You dont know whats in the box till you pay up and open it.


excellent company

great company - always do a good job. Only 4 stars though as one of their delivery boys thought it was highly amusing that he had broken my doorbell


Avoid like the plague

Last August (2011) I ordered around £1000 of computer parts from Dabs.com. Biggest mistake I ever made. The first thing that happened is the ordering process was interupted a few times, So I didnt know if I had made 4 orders for the same items or 1. I tried to contact dabs via email and via contact forms on their website. Absolutely no response for 3 days. I then went to the website, and I phoned them but for some reason they didnt think they were talking to someone with authority to query the order.
In the end my order missed its delivery date and I cancelled the whole thing. The cost me 5 days of stress and worry and even when I gave them a chance to put things right they still hadnt a clue what they were doing.
they dont answer emails, site enquiries, you name it they dont want to know


Very Hit and Miss

Before I get onto a review of the site, I want to say something about the local maplin shop I use. The manager at the local maplin is unknowledgable and rude. On several occassions I have found it necessary to return goods which were unfit for purpose. Notably a card reader with a bent pin, and a wireless networking card that refused to automatically connect via dhcp. On both these occassions I had my money returned to me, but not before the manager had passed some comment to the effect that it was my fault. I take exception to such accusations and infact in the case of the wireless card I even found it highly amusing that he thought I must be one of the people who havent a clue how to set up a computer (I run several networks for various people as my vocation in life is a network engineer) He demonstrated his complete misunderstanding of how networks operate and what all the letters such as N & G mean and how to use them.

Now onto the website. I am frequently told that what shows as in stock on the website is incorrect at the store. My local store hardly has anything I need, and even when they do its overpriced. The site itself is substandard and shows results for totally random items. Fo example I searched for key switch and for some totally bizzare reason I was shown a few key switches and various toy planes etc etc etc

this company really must try a lot harder because they are rapidly sliding down the pan. GET SOME STAFF WHO ACTUALLY KNOW WTH THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT and get some new web designers the ones you employ are rubbish

Arbico Computers

Very Honest Very Trustworthy

I havent had much dealings with this company, but I found the staff very knowledgeable (I am in the computer industry as a network engineer, so would know whether they had ever oversold or overstated something).
My local branch, Sydenham in London, the guy there is very straight forward and interested in what you want rather than what he wants to sell you, although I did get rather interested in a bigger screen when he showed me one and compared it to the one I wanted.
10/10 for the service at arbico



I have made around 8 orders with ebuyer since August 2011.
The goods I bought have a total value of over £2500 and every one of those orders has been processed, efficiently, without fuss, and bang on time. I have never been happier ordering from a web company than when I order from ebuyer. I think it's because I take the time myself to make sure what I am ordering has plenty of copies in stock. For example I would never order a £400 tv if it showed only one in stock as I dont want to risk the chances of it being allocated to someone who just beat me to it.
I would be very very suspicious of people claiming that ebuyer is a terrible company.
It isnt !
Their website offers the maximum level of communications possible. The staff are always professional and very generous with their time and patience. I can name a couple of times they went the extra mile for me. This is a trustworthy company and as far as I am concerned they have my 100% trust, and support.
I have never had a cause to question their integrity, honesty, or their level of service or customer care. I just do not understand how people can say they have recieved less than 100% from ebuyer. My personal experience with other companies leads me to believe ebuyer have a winning formula that others dont even get close to

05 March 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for placing so many orders with Ebuyer since August 2011 and for your positive review.

I am very pleased to hear that all of your orders have been processed smoothly and have arrived on time.

We would also like to thank you for your comments on our website and the staff here at Ebuyer, it is very nice to hear how happy our customers are and your review will be passed around.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any future queries.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team

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