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Great Ordering Service

Ordered a cylinder vacuum cleaner and it arrived 2 days later. It was cheaper than John Lewis which at the time was out of stock, so bought from Go Electrical instead. I found this company via the Which website. I can not comment on Customer Service because I haven't used this services and hope that I never have to. :-)


Excellent service all round

I’m very impressed with Vet UK.
If you place an order in the morning, you will receive your order the next day.
Your order is well packaged and each order I’ve placed was 100% accurate.

You get an email from the courier service (DPD) who estimates what time your package will be delivered and they’ve always delivered within the time slot.

After trying out another Pet online service who’s Customer Service got it wrong all the way through after trying to return an order, I feel that I will stick with VET UK in the future as they seem to get it right every time.

Well done Vet UK.


Customer services never got it right!

I tried returning some unopened/untouched KD cat food as my pet didn't like the taste of the food. My initial email to Customer Services detailed everything clearly, but Customers Services ask questions that I’ve already explained in my initial email.

Customers Services said I couldn't return the food and provided me with a pdf of how to return the food direct to the manufacturer. The pdf stated "Royal Canin" but I didn't purchase "Royal Canin".

After highlighting Customers Services error, they then said I could return the KD cat food.
Customer Services calculated the return price and got it wrong again.
They only quoted half of what I purchased.
So again, I informed them that the refund should be double on what they quoted me.

Customers services realised their mistake and refunded me straight away, but there was no mention of the collection of the cat food.
After prompting Customer services again by asking them “do you want the KD cat food back” then they realised they didn’t organise a courier for the return of the cat food. I did offer to pay for the courier but all questions I put to customers services were ignored.

The cat food was being picked up from my work address but I was ill on that day so phoned Customer Services to cancel the courier and re-organise it 2 days later.
However, the courier still arrived at my work place so reception had to send him away without the package.
The next courier was book for Friday, but the courier turned up a day early. Luckily I was back at work and the package was in my car.

Delivery was slow.
Customer Services got it wrong many times. I think this was due to my emails not being read thoroughly.
I would buy again but not in bulk like I did for this order.

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