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A corrupt website that operates in collusion with its corporate clients

I wrote a negative review on the 'service' my family received from It was effectively censored and removed from this site (a brief summary: the incompetent Electricshop delivery driver damaged one of our kitchen units; we reported this to Electricshop but the company effectively accused us of lying and refused to take responsibility - absolutely shocking 'customer service').

Not long after my review had been posted, I was contacted by a member of the Trustpilot team who informed me that it was being removed due to lack of evidence. I had provided a genuine order number and even went to the trouble of sending Trustpilot a photograph of the damage, but unsurprisingly, this seemingly deceptive site decided to side with their client Electricshop, which, like many of the businesses that are featured here, pay a fee which gives them extra control over and approval on any reviews submitted. Therefore negative reviews are culled whilst any positive feedback is naturally left alone (Chris Hasby's review below confirms this).

If you'd like an idea as to how unethical, unreliable and untrustworthy this site is, a site which is ironically called TRUSTpilot (a classic example of Orwellian doublespeak in practice), simply compare the Trustpilot ratings and reviews for Electricshop with those on reputable, bona fide independent review sites like; the former are whitewashed and glowing, the latter largely negative and scathing - which pretty much reflects my personal experience.

Of course, it wouldn't surprise me if the Trustpilot team chooses to delete this review - as I have shown, this site doesn't take too kindly to consumers upsetting its overseers.

However, as a published journalist, I don't take too kindly to being censored and am already contemplating a deeper investigation into this company's seemingly dubious practices which could potentially be a complete PR disaster for the site. Any further censorship of my valid views could in fact be a catalyst to my further delving. Incidentally, I've already discussed the matter with several journo contacts of mine, who are as equally concerned as I am about any accusations of bias and collusion.

My advice: take every overall rating on this site with a pinch of salt. In fact, I really do suggest you look elsewhere and never navigate here again.

And to the team at Trustpilot, shame on you for working for a site that appears to mislead trusting members of the public in such a cynical, deceptive way.

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01 May 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Dear Coughlin

Thank you for your comments about our reporting process, this is a process we work hard to improve so all comments are welcome.

In this case we did receive a claim from the company about your review, and when we receive a report about a review we start an investigation where we talk to both the user and the company. This also happened in your case where you told us to forget about your review.

This is why your review was removed from our site.

But can we improve our review investigation process?

Yes, of course we can. As we get more comments from our users, we look at all communication between all parties and evaluate the process to look for areas to improve. This also will happen in this case and also why we welcome comments from users and companies. We really want to improve our processes around reviews, so we can provide our users with real experiences from real people that will help users making an informed buying decision.

Regarding our services to companies it is correct that they have tools to manage the reviews they receive as a company – but this functionality can all companies use for free, they just need to register on our site with a B2B user account. Here they then have something similar to what our Trustpilot users have in their profile (manage you own reviews).

Regarding deleting reviews: we do not delete reviews without a dialog with the user and the company. I can only recommend other users to look at the company and their reviews for their own opinion.

Just like companies with a B2B user id, Trustpilot users also have the option to report a review for investigation if the review is not within our guidelines.


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