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Reading the reviews, the is obviously a popular and well-liked site, and I'm not in the habit of giving poor reviews, however, I did order a 2002 Cristal, and a 2004 was delivered. The helpful person on the end of the 'phone explained that they had no control over what the supplier sent out, and the 2002 was obviously no longer in stock. This is fine if your Grey Goose label has changed colour, and might be OK for a cheaper wine, but the whole point of vintage champagne is its vintage, and 2002 Cristal is not cheap, by any standards. As this was a 10th Wedding anniversary gift, the year was doubly important. were very keen to sort out the problem, but I’m not sure the person I spoke to had much of a grasp of why I was
unhappy :(

I did manage to source a 2002 from another site, just in time, so it’s not like it was the end of the world. In fact, at the end of the day, it’s still only champagne, nobody died from not drinking enough of it :)

On the plus side, delivery was very quick, and the collection of the same was organised without a hitch, I expect my refund will also be processed without any problems :)

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