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By far the worst company one can deal with. Avoid at all cost. Might save you a lot of frustration.

***Update. This is a repost of my original message. Only to include more details and hopefully get some meaningful response.***

I ordered my bean bag from groupon on 12/12/11 last year. The original delivery date was some 6 weeks from that day which was reasonable.

However, the delivery date got pushed ahead on numerous occasions, there has been no notification on any of that. On 15/02/12 I got this email in response to my previous note (two days prior to the reply):

"Your item was shipped on 25/01/12 and would've taken 5 days to deliver. If you have not yet received it, adverse weather conditions may have caused a slight delay in delivery, please allow a further 5days as we have definetly shipped your order."

First of all, 25/01/12 is still ALMOST THREE MONTHS after I made my order. Secondly, on what planet do you live? 3 months is not a 'slight delay'. 5 days from 25/01/12 is still A MONTH AGO. You're not trying to tell me the few days of snow in January paralysed the deliveries in November, December, early January, February and now March, are you?

This entire experience has been farcical. Trying to reach INFURN by phone refers you to email. How convenient. It seems that they don't even want to talk to us customers any more? Previously, calling would either redirect to a pre-recorded message or a foreign speaking voicemail of some sort.

The website says the parcel was sent by DHL. The tracking number provided is not a DHL one and I could find no major companies that would have that tracking number format. They can't even get that right.

***After my original post, I got a comment on my note, and indeed they tried calling me, leaving a voicemail. Calling back was of course impossible cause all I got was a voicemail on their part. Convenient, huh? The tracking number, previously wrong, and now updated, was wrong again. Seriously? It seems like they give _a_ number so that it gives us customers a false sense of them doing anything. I have sent an email again, only to get no reply. ***

In the meantime, I've been getting a heap of newsletters from them. Do they really think I'll ever use them again?

So here I am: it has been 4 *and a half* months since I ordered my bean bag. There has been no decent communication and the service was truly horrible. By ordering the beanbag from them, I also gave up another offer that was available to me at the time. If I don't get my order, I will get really angry! I only give one star as I have to give some rating to post this comment.

***And yes, I gave a one star review only because I had to give something. Otherwise, it'd be a big, fat zero.***

23 March 2012

Reply from Designfurn LTD (infurn.com)

Dear Mr Rzepala

Thank you for your comments, further to my voicemail message left on 16 March 2012, I have again tried to contact you today and received your voicemail service. As previously stated your order is in hand with FedexUK for delivery, Infurn does not allocate tracking codes, these number are provided by our freight carriers. The DHL tracking code that was allocated to your order was issued prior to changes that were made to our freight providers for UK orders which came into effect 1 February 2012. I have today been informed by our freight providers, the tracking code issued on your account is allocated once a delivery attempt has been made twice. I have requested they provide me with the dates the delivery was attempted and I will update you when this information is received.

Please be aware that you have the option to opt out from receiving newsletters from your customer account. If you require any further information I can be contacted 0203 137 1108


Sonia Harris

Customer Relations Supervisor

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