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A courier that is unable to deliver

Do not use this courier service.

They stick your parcel in a depot or on a van and do not deliver it. We have chased for over 2 weeks. Guess what? They conveniently don't issue a telephone number, other than for a recorded message. You can chase them for weeks and they will not deliver and not respond.

Eventually they called us to say the driver couldn't find our house. We live on a straight, main road, with houses in number sequence order!

A complete waste of time.

22 June 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi ATW, Bristol,
I'm sorry that you had problems with your recent delivery. Do you require any assistance in getting the matter resolved? Please send an email with your parcel reference number and a phone number to and I'll look into this for you.
Kind regards,


Losing its appeal fast

Always a popular choice, Next seems on the decline.

Quality of clothing has reduced. Sales used to be the best of the bunch but are now mostly reduced to last year's "tat".

Delivery service is good. Ordering can be a hassle with passwords not being recognised and then agents telling you that you've changed them! Was unable to get into the system for weeks and could then only order by phone. They were never able to resolve it nor reset my passwords.

Disappointing now.


Lovely clothes, dreadful service

Lovely clothes, lovely designs. Sizes are tiny so order approx 2 sizes larger than you need.

Delivery is very slow with no notification on status of your order. Phoned them a week after placing order and was told delivery to the UK warehouse would be around 21 days!

Ordering system is rubbish, difficult to get into as seems not to recognise your customer number etc and even when you phone they can't explain how to get into it.

Lovely products if you can't bear the hassle of dealing with them.

Shame as the clothes - and particularly the shoes - are gorgeous.

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Very good site, easy to book

Very good website. Does what it says on the tin! Will give you the nearest alternatives if the hotel you want is full.

Good descriptions etc. Simple to book.

Hotels are basic but clean and comfortable. Really good breakfast choices.

Were very pleased.

The Utility Warehouse

First good impressions but sly, misleading and difficult to escape

Made a very good first impression, signing us up for gas & electricity and giving strong guarantees to be the cheapest on the block.

They aren't. Once you sign up your bills then turn up with charges on there such as "club membership". When you query what the club IS, there isn't one, it's just a sly way of charging you a monthly fee on top of your bill!!! And incidentally if you are a dual fuel user you have to pay TWO lots of monthly fee!!

It then transpired they weren't cheaper as they don't monitor and match market prices - so they may be cheaper on the day you sign up but they very soon aren't.

Their billing and customer service is dreadful so they will continue to bill you for months after you leave. I had a real fight on my hands to get some money refunded that I had overpaid, and ended up having to send them a solicitor's letter.


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Very good service, beware of extras

Very good service with excellent offers on free business cards and low cost stationery. Delivery is not the fastest but the products are good.

Be very careful of getting signed up to their 'special club' which is easy to do without being made aware of it and then you will be charged fees etc.

Also be prepared for a barrage of emails as they will send you offers several times per week.

22 April 2012

Reply from Vistaprint

Glad to know that you are satisfied about our products' quality, we appreciate your feedbacks.Even we will take into consideration your opinion about the delivery time to get it better.
We do understand the inconvenience you have faced regarding our automated e-mails, but please be informed that you may get in touch with our customer support by a simple call to the free toll number 0800 496 0350 to deactivate this option.

Bella Italia

Brilliant offers sent regularly

Bella Italia are great with their offers and vouchers if you sign up to their mailing list. We get one every couple of months - usually 2-for-1, or half price pizza/pasta - and always redeem our vouchers.

Service in the restaurants we have visited is excellent and premises are clean and inviting.



Excellent budget airline

If you're looking to save money on flights, this is the service to look at.
We have bought flights at under half the price of competitors.

If you're looking for all the trimmings, in-flight meals and free drinks etc, this is not the service for you.

It's basic, it's reliable from our experience and it will save you huge amounts against the price of other airlines.

Things like luggage weights are monitored very strictly and cost can go up if you exceed it. This is partly how they keep costs down. Not a problem if you understand that in advance.

Highly recommended.



A brilliant service at a reasonable cost.

Much cheaper than the banks if you send money to friends or family abroad. Service works cheaply and efficiently, not to mention fast!

Some of the administrative functions on the site need looking at, are cumbersome and you can sometimes go round and round in circles trying to resolve an issue.


John Lewis

Outstanding delivery & customer service

John Lewis excel on customer service - quite simply - THEY GET IT!!

Once I ordered some shirts which were too small and called them at 8pm to request another size and they arrived the next day. Outstanding!

All orders are delivered promptly and returns are handled with minimum fuss.



Very good service, very pleased

Have used this site a few times as the stores don't always have stock of the items I am after.
Delivery is quick and easy and you can return any unsuitable items via the courier or take it back to the nearest store which is really convenient.
They also have lots of good offers on the site.
Very pleased!

Easy to use, some great deals to be found

Have made a number of bookings through laterooms. The service is easy to use, the searches are accurate and quick.

There are some good deals to be had if you book very last minute.
Do be aware that many of the hotels listed do not reduce their rates though, and if you check out their own sites, the rates are sometimes even less there.

We just booked a fabulous hotel in Sussex, for less than half the normal rate, and were delighted.


Worst customer service ever

Where do I begin?
Appalling customer service, horrific billing systems, none of the departments speak to each other. We eventually left but they continued to bill us for 12 months even though they had terminated our contract in writing. Still refusing to accept we'd left, they set solicitors and debt collectors onto us, eventually only backing down when I said we would go to Court and explain exactly what sort of company they are.
Will never, ever use them again, we don't care what great services they advertise. They simply don't deliver!


Excellent, convenient service

I've been a LoveFilm member for approx 5 years. The service is easy to use, delivery of DVDs is prompt and it's convenient.
I've just upgraded my membership so that we can get some kids' movies too. They have an amazing range of movies, far more than competitor services. I even found an old black and white movie my mother wanted to see (from the 60s!).
A minor downside is you don't get to watch what you want WHEN you want as they will send you something off your list, but not a specific title. They perhaps need to get higher volumes of new releases to reduce waiting times.
A faulty disc is an irritant, but out of perhaps 500 movies I have had 3 faulty ones, so not a bad result.
Overall I am very pleased and am staying.


Outstanding service

I can't praise Tesco highly enough for their grocery shopping/deliveries. The site is user friendly and the service is easy to use.
All of your regular items are stored in a 'favourites' list so you don't have to trawl the site each time and at the press of a buttton a fairy godmother (or father!) whisks rounds the store, does your shopping and brings it round to you at a designated time!
How can they deliver this service for as little as £3.50 (at non-peak times)? It has saved me hours of time as I now just go buy fresh fruit etc.
Tesco does it again - amazing!


Excellent service continually, never waiver

I've shopped at Amazon for more than 6 years. They have never disappointed. Delivery is either quick or you are kept notified about status. I've only returned something once and it was dealt with speedily and professionally.
I rarely pay postage even though I am not a 'special' member as if you are prepared to wait for around 5 days you can get most things delivered free on 'super saver' delivery.
Outstanding service, trustworthy, reliable!

Linens Limited

Appalling service, still waiting for my order to arrive

My experience of this company so far is totally appalling and I am still waiting for my order to arrive. Their customer service is an absolute disgrace. I made 3 enquiries about where my order was and was told each time "they would "get back to me". They never bothered. I tried to speak to the Customer Service Manager (Sarah Andrew) but calls to her are blocked. I am appalled to read these other reviews and wish I had checked out this horrendous company beforehand. I am still waiting for my order to be despatched. They don't deserve a rating at all.

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