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Extensive range of products and great deals, Fast efficient delivery, Easy product browsing and an easy check out service. 5 Stars no problems whatsoever.


Cannot be trusted anymore

Too many tactical buyers, Shops, people determined to bend the rules, It used to be a great place to find deals but is no longer good value as most people are unwilling to compromise if a product sells for cheaper than they anticipated, Also selling a product has become increasingly frustrating as buyers can be untrustworthy and cynical and the fees for using ebay, Packaging and using paypal service are just not worth it.


Just not worth the effort

I have used Ryanair a few times travelling from the UK to europe, Firstly most airports and routes are in very awkward places as most of them require a long transfer to the actual location, Secondly the flights are very poorly equipped in terms of facilities, The seats are cheap and there is hardly any leg room, The temperature is either too hot or too cold and there is never a balance and the flight itself is never a joyful experience. I think it is unacceptable the price this company charges to print out a ticket and is a nightmare for anybody booking last minute without access to a printer. Most of all though, Ryanair is just not worth it, The prices in which you pay in total when taking the normal additions such as luggage are extortionate and are not justified whatsoever as overall quality is very low infact only meeting bare minimum necessities in terms of standard. In most cases it's just easier, Better value and an overall nicer experience flying with another airline and in some cases cheaper with the added luxury of flights which leave at a reasonable time, Comfort and favourable airport locations. The one redeeming good point to this airline is the amount of routes and destinations across europe which have become available which were not always easy to reach in the past, Also if travelling with no luggage and beating them at their own game by maximising your hand luggage hold allowance it's still possible to find relatively cheap flights if you are flexible and book in advance.

Good but lacking the past year or two

I visit chemicaluk every so often to look at the latest clothing as it's one of few places in the UK which fully promote street/skate wear brands. I used to buy from the store quite regularly however i feel the emphasis has gone more towards typical high street brands and styles rather than sticking to it's original roots of streetwear and the pricing of new products when you include tax is at top end of the RRP. The website has also now started to sell designer fashion wear which are at the top end price bracket rather than promote the smaller low key streetwear brands which offer good value and something unique, I guess the unique element has gone missing somewhere and it feels no different to any other menswear site online, Which is not exactly a bad thing but is the reason why i don't really shop at this store anymore. The delivery is usually fast and efficient, Easy check out service, Great range of the latest music software etc, Overall 3 out of 5 for the reasons stated above.

06 June 2012

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Hi Malachai,

Thanks for the feedback, we do appreciate it.

We are very much still committed to our Street and Skatewear roots, we'd love to know what kind of brands you would like to see us stocking?

Magicseaweed Surf Shop

4 but potential for 5

Great shop, Easy Layout for shopping, Great variety of surf/sports products and good prices.

I give 4 stars because i feel the website is slow to stock the latest seasonal products such as clothing and apparel.

Overall, Easy to navigate, Great layout, Quick delivery, Good range of products, 4 Stars.

07 March 2012

Reply from Magicseaweed

Thanks Malachai - we get seasonal drops from all the brands we work with as soon as stock's available and try to get it online as quickly as it comes in the door but always room for improvement!

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