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Simply Electronics Ltd.

In a word: BEWARE

I paid 349,95€ for a motorola atrix 2 mobile phone, on 16/02/2012. According to the site, there was 5 (five) units in stock at the time.
Later I received an email stating that it was “expected to be shipped 1-2 working days and delivered within 2-7 working days.”
Also, I could “log into the site and check your order status at any time via the 'My Account' page.”

Time passed, and a week later I checked the order status at My Account page, and surprisingly I saw exactly the same thing the day I ordered. There has been no development. I started to check the so called “units in stock” of the Motorola atrix 2, and I saw that there was only 1 (one) available. “Strange”, I though, because no one that supposedly got out was sent to me. Another week passed and I started to check the stock of other items.

Last week there was another “update” to the stock of the Motorola atrix 2, and it got to EIGHT(!) units, and, little by little, a day passed, then another day, and by the end of the week, there was none. It went out of stock.

If I hadn’t bought any, I wouldn’t suspect a thing. It looks like the stock items is just a computer bot (an automatic software program to make the units in stock look real).

During this time I’ve been sending emails (about 15), which, only 3 got answers, and I might say, all lookalike, only changing the name of the author.

I’ve questioned several times about how could they advertise this and that, if they don’t follow a thing. How can a company operate like this?

Then it happened. I started to investigate the company, and it looks like these pirates are NOT an European company. They are not even established in the UK. They just pretend to be. They are operating from Hong Kong.

I’ve read reviews (both good and bad) about this company but always gave them the benefit of the doubt.
Now I wish I could have read them before I ordered something from these pirates.
And now I’m really suspicious about the good reviews, not saying all, but maybe some could probably be fake.

One more thing that I found delightfully interesting in the FAQ, check it out:

“An automatic confirmation email will be sent to you with your order number when we have received your order successfully. However, this order only construes your offer to purchase a product from us. This offer is only formally accepted by SimplyElectronics when we send you an email confirmation to inform you that your order has been dispatched by us. This email is also known as the Dispatch Confirmation Email. Any orders which have not been confirmed by a Dispatch Confirmation Email will not construe a contract.”

Can you understand what these pirates are saying? It means that whatever payment you make to them, it is not considered part of a contract, UNTIL they dispatch your order, (which can take who knows what time!), and therefore, the payment is considered an OFFER!!!

If you really, really want to make offers to these guys, don’t use your credit card. Use paypal instead, because there is the possibility to resolve the dispute and you get your money back.

I was an idiot two times.

Don’t be like me.

I remember read several reviews saying that giving one star was too much. Boy, I wish I could give them all the stars… many negative stars.

I would really like to make a complain about these guys to some international authority/entity, and make this kind of “companies” banned. Maybe in Brussels? Or London? I don’t know.
If anyone knows who to complain about cases like this, please send me to my email

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