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Wasn't tired after being tyred

I parked weirdly at work and saw the inside tyre tread was down to the canvass. I rang the nice people who came along the following day at the time they said, after keeping me informed as they said they would, with the tyres as ordered. Zero fuss apart from having to move the car where he could get at it (such a hardship!) and then off for a coffee. Came back, all done, jobs a goodun. Highly recommend them.

The Online Homebrew Company


I can only echo what many others have said. My order (1039885 just in case they want to argue) was made in early January. I then spent a month watching bits of my order going in and out of stock. Cancelled the order in early Feb and am still waiting for a refund in mid March. I had previously sent two emails which remained unanswered before going at them through the amazon shop contacts (yes they sell through there too). That got a rapid response albeit to tell me that I should communicate through their dire customer service (HA!) interface. I was told it was being dealt with but I will wait and see on that one. In the meantime they will soon have received my letter indicating that they have 28 days to sort this before I am left with the small claims court as a last ditch attempt.

I see a lot of happy people responding in this forum and I can only suppose that it is all in the complexity. Small orders can get handled. Large ones (mine was over £200) confuse them.

I won't comment on the quality of the product as I haven't a clue since none arrived and I certainly will not order from any of their outlets in the future. This is all about sense and customer service which is woefully lacking.

Engage with these people at your own risk and keep the orders small!


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The Online Shopping Company

Avoid like the PLAGUE

Absolutely hopeless bunch. Took money for goods they didn't have. Waited and waited. Finally gave up and cancelled the order which they confirmed several days later. Apparently my money was to be returned in 10 days. That was a month ago and now they don't even bother to answer my emails. Anyone know any good lawyers!?

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