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Never had a problem!

Buy quite a lot from there - it's quite refreshing to see a big retailer often offering discount codes and free delivery. I've only ever returned one item which was painless so yes I would recommend!


Overcharges my card and I still don't' have delivery!

Wow. Bad bad bad experience, didn't expect it from a popular retailer.

Firstly they have overcharged my card from the orders I placed, they have taken a higher payment than the payment that I authorised and I have e-mails to prove this - I've been told this is illegal but anyway, I haven't even received the items that I've been overcharged for, I've e-mailed twice- no reply, called, was on hold for 20 minutes and had other things to do so had to leave it, yet someone has loads of time to tweet me back to say to contact the customer services - what's the point - maybe that person could actually spend some time replying rather than being a jobs worth - we can all google the helpline number.

Definitely won't be using again and judging from all the bad reviews here a lot of other people won't either, H&M clearly haven't grasped the online shopping world yet.


Excellent Company - Something for nothing!

I'm not really sure how or why people leave bad reviews for free money??? If you weren't part of the site you wouldn't get it anyway! Excellent website, I'd recommend to all my friend and family - you've got nothing to lose.

Country Attire Ltd. (


Great! Got a lovely Barbour coat with excellent service!

Escapade Fancy Dress

Faulty costumes all the way!

My friend and I bought costumes and hers was delivered with a massive rip in it! As it was the day of the event she had to repair it, mine came looking nothing like the picture with accessories that would only fit a child. It took us both several e-mails and posting on their facebook to get a reply and even then the solutions weren't what I would deem as reasonable. Would stay well away in future, massive rip off.


Once you're in a contract they don't care

I have mine and my mum's contract with them, after a few months, my phone started cutting off calls every few minutes as did my mums, they told me both phones must be faulty, so we both now have brand new phones and still the same - so very expensive 'advice' from o2. I have phoned/e-mailed/live chat with them and they have more or less just said 'oh well the coverage says ok in your town' - not offered any sort of solution, it can be seen on my bill that phone calls constantly cut off. Friends of mine are having the same issue so it is definitely o2s issue. As long as they have your money they don't care!!!!

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Travel Republic

Generally Okay

Booked probably 10 holidays through travel republic, I find they are generally very good! One tip I would have... I needed to change a room from 2 people to 4 people (it was a 4 person apartment anyway) - travelrepublic wanted to charge me £20 just to alter it, even though the room was the exact same price, so I contacted the hotel direct and they said it was not a problem, therefore saving £20!


Listen to the other reviews

I wish i'd never ordered!!! Next day delivery took 8 days, 4 e-mails later no reply, all the dresses had to be returned - some were faulty. No response no refund.
20 June

Hello pippa I believe I have received an email from you before amongst the 20 something emails I have sent back and forth being told so many different things by your staff. All I want to know is when on earth am I going to get money back? I've been told 3 different things by your staff yet not one of them can confirm or give me a straight answer, is what you're doing even legal??? Advertising next day delivery but never actually doing it and keeping peoples money?? I want my refund through straight away, is this why you don't provide a contact number??!!

22 June 2012

Reply from Missguided

Hi Laura,

As I mentioned, in order for me to find out the specific details for your order that you are referring too I will need you to provide me with an order number or your details. I would like to help you further and get this resolved but I cannot do so without these details.

At this stage I can only further apologise for your disappointment, I will endeavour to resolve this as a priority once you have confirmed the required details. Please note that as we are an on-line company we do not offer the facility of a customer services centre by telephone, however, we welcome and value all customer feedback.

Best wishes,

Missguided xx

Hi Laura,

So that I can investigate your complaint further, could you please send me an email; please include your order details including your order number and I will happily look into the issues raised.

At this stage I can only apologise for your disappointment.

Best wishes,

Missguided xx



I spent £115 on a bodycon dress, wore it once and now its ripped everywhere! Wrote to Customer Service and because I can't find my receipt (despite it having French connection labels) refused to do anything about it..TERRIBLE!!

Tyre Shopper


Further to the comment you just posted as a reply, if I had wanted budget tyres I would have purchased them but I ordered and paid for medium range, your company should have price matched the closest mid range tyre as it was your mistake yet you were not willing to do that. Instead you took my money, left me waiting an hour at the fitting centre, I booked time off work, used fuel getting there and back and got nothing. I have my MOT now that my car will not pass because your company couldn't deliver. I have called and left my details at your complaints department and had no call back and sent an e-mail with no reply. Says a lot about customer service.


Reply: The guy at the fitting centre and the woman on the phone from your company told me that you did have an alternative tyre in stock but you were not willing to price match.

08 March 2012

Reply from Tyre Shopper

-------- update 09:17 08/03/2012 --------

Dear Laura,

Thanks for the clarity and I did see the note that the tyres offered were budgets offered and of course you paid for mid-range tyres and therefore were expecting mid-range tyres. I believe the customer service team were simply attempting to provide an 'alternative' although rightly so the correct alternative should have been offered but the correct ones could not be offered on the spot.

I have forward to customer services and will take the above comment and send that across also

---------update end ------------

Dear Laura,

Please do accept our sincerest apology for the inconvenience that has been caused.
If we did order the wrong tyres which is our error then we should have apologised but I believe initially we did offer a set of tyres as an alternative but they were budget tyres that you did not want?

This will get taken up with a customer service representative to investigate.

Kind regards
Tyre Shopper Customer Service

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