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Fake comments welcome

You are able to register under a fake name and leave a negitive comment on peoples reviews. Trustpilot refused to remove it, refused to try and validate the comment, refused to contact the 'fake' person, refused to help, and when asked for details to contact to have it removed, refused and stated 'look on the website' Be very careful as you cannot be sure the comments you are reading are genuine or not, therefore making this site invalid. This shows a very poor regard to just what damage there website can do to small buisness's. Fake comments from competitors or any other sources could potential put a genuine hard working business out of business. Not what the country needs in times of a ressesion.

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12 March 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Dear Sir

I am sorry you think we are out to harm you or any other business, this is in no way what we are about.

I see your name is referring to fake reviews? If you believe this to be the case on your website, please report the reviews and I will look into it.

The comment you are referring to does not contravene our guidelines, which is why it cannot be removed, however we advised you to make a comment yourself e.g. asking the reason for this negative comment.

Regarding our contact information, there were simply referred to our website where all information is accessible.

I appreciate your feedback, and I will gladly try and help you if you have any other queries. You can email me on and write "att. Kasper" in the subject field.

Kasper - Trustpilot Support

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