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Richer Sounds

Let me down last visit, sad as previously great

I have previously had good dealings with this company and really do admire the ethics and enthusiasm of the founder. What disapointed me for my last visit was that I was willing to spend money for some Minx speakers and an av receiver. I wanted a specific av receiver that was not in stock in the Bournemouth store, and although some were showing at other stores further away, the salesman said I would have to go there to pick it up, and recomended a more expensive alternative make.

To cut a long story short, After looking online and finding some, I called a different branch of RS who sent me the av receiver for a very small fee (under £7). Why did the salesman not tell me this could be done? I presume he wanted the sale of the larger av receiver. I now do not feel like I can trust the guys in the Bournemouth store, as I almost purchased from another store, or ebay. So as I was also buying another tv, this custom will now go elsewhere.

Minx speakers are great, unfortunately RS stopped accepting amex

Correct order number for Sonia

Ok, I have now added the correct order number after my rating and comments yesterday.

It seems completely crazy that the only way this company responds is via a ratings website, rather than the support mail address that it provides to paying customers.

I am intrigued as to what Sonia has to say about the fact that Infurn are witholding the postage and packing payment to me illegally even when it has been requested numerous times (via the support@ mail address).

Just for information, I requested a refund for the beanbag that I had waited four months for, with absolutely zero correspondence from Infurn. I spoke to Trading Standards who informed me of my rights as a consumer, and for refunds etc, and still no correspondence.

A suggestion would be not to take orders for items that you clearly don't have. Illegal and stealing from hard working people. A disgrace.

Name: Alistair Vaughton

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09 March 2012

Reply from Designfurn LTD (

Update 9.3.2012 1.15

Dear Alistair

Thank you for your feedback in regards to your Bigboy order. As discussed I have asked that your refund be actioned as a priority.As part of the new management team here at Infurn we are currently inundated with emails outstanding from the previous management team who took the decision to disable the incoming telephone lines.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused to you in this matter, if you do require any further assistance please mark for my attention.

Kind Regards

Sonia Harris

Dear Alistair

I am unable to investigate this matter as this is not a valid customer order number,full customer name required


Sonia Harris

Customer Relations Supervisor

Groupon UK

My opinion has just been downgraded

So, after saying that I thought the customer service was good, and the partners were the unreliable ones, I need to alter my comments after speaking to the floor manager Margaret Andrews at Customer services.

After having money stolen (as the partner will not refund the money) from me by Infurn for a beanbag that I waited 4 months for, I requested that Groupon supply me with a contact number, other than the email that Infurn do not respond to.

Alas, apparently they do not have any other way of contacting their partner other than the support@ email, like all consumers. Asked to speak to her direct manager, or anyone higher, none were available, in meetings etc. Left my number for a Mr Moss but doubt they will call. Could it be that Groupon are in cahoots with the illegal acts of the partner company? I don't know, but the lack of help given to a customer who has now waited over 5 months for something is a disgrace. I will never use Groupon again, and will be urging my freinds and colleagues via social media to do the same.

13 April 2012

Reply from Groupon UK

Hi Alistair, did somebody from the customer service team get into touch with you? Please do let us know how we can help further.

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