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CCS Leeds Ltd

Top notch people

CCS Leeds have a reliable, well connected network and have always been an utter pleasure to deal with. They've always gone above and beyond the call of duty for me and have helped me out of tough spots.

17 December 2013

Reply from CCS Leeds Ltd


You are very welcome. Many thanks for the kind words.


Unscrupulous and misleading

Rackspace are happy to engage in misleading billing practises and if you dare to question them about it, then they will keep stating the same, irrelevant point over and again before eventually just ignoring you.

Utterly disgusting behaviour.


A dreadful company to deal

Parcel2Go are a terrible company to deal with that clearly have no regard for their customers or the service that they provide.

They failed to collect the parcel on the scheduled date, then when I took it to the depot the member of staff that I spoke to said that they were closed and they couldn't let me drop off the parcel despite it already being paid for...

When I took the parcel back and the depot finally accepted it, I was surprised to find that it didn't even show up as having been received at the depot and scanned on the tracking for 2 whole days, which was particularly disappointing given that I had paid for a 48 hour delivery service!

The parcel was eventually delivered to the recipient 6 days later. When I complained to Parcel2Go about their unacceptable performance, I was told that the terms and conditions state that this service was not guaranteed and so they didn't care.

I challenged that I was looking at the terms and conditions and that was simply not the case, however the representative simply kept stating that they do not offer a guaranteed service and that this is in their terms and conditions.

After such appalling service, I would never use Parcel2Go again. I have previously had similarly poor experience with them deliberately delaying sending forms for an insurance claim in order to prevent a claim being made before the time limit. With Parcel2Go, poor customer service seems to come as standard.

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Just as bad as when they were DHL!

Unreliable service, always late, often lost and/or damaged. Unhelpful staff and incorrect depot opening hours on their web-site.

They don't even bother replying to e-mails when you complain, your parcel just mysteriously turns up two weeks late...

I can't think of a company that I would trust less.


Aggressive cold calling and spammers

Securacert make use of aggressive cold calling and spam e-mailing to try and win sales by misleading customers into thinking that they are renewing their SSL certificates with the existing company rather than purchasing a new certificate through Securacert.

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