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Video Game Box

Easy fast and without issue...

Pre ordered Borderlands2 for PC from these guys, didn't realise I had ordered the DVD version rather than the download code, and also if it included the pre release bonus.

So I emailed them to check and got a very fast response. So left my order in place as there was a decent saving over the RRP and the Steam store. Much to the derisement of my friends who had all paid full whack to get it from Steam asap.

However my copy came through the post on release day as promised, so only a few hours behind my downloading buddies and I had saved enough to buy a couple of beers.

So all in all quite happy with shopping from them, there was a decent saving and there is also an extra 10% off to be had if you carefully look around the website.

ASM Retail Solutions Ltd

Cheap prices, terrible service

A bad dealforyou it should be called, it is a one man band running his business from home. None of the items are actually in stock and the advertised 7 day delivery is a myth. It would be ok if they actually ordered your bits and you got them in this time frame but that seems too much for them.

There is no response to emails or phone calls and the only response so far is by filing a claim with paypal.

Then if you do get your stuff your in even bigger trouble if its defective and you have to return it as the lax customer service really shines through here.

Do yourself a big favor spend a few quid extra and go to a large reputable company instead, there is no shortage of them.

Like others have said one star is too much!

Buyer be warned best avoided...

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