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10 days and 5 emails later, still no word from this company.

To begin with, I ordered my goods with a discount voucher I got through a promotion they were running on the leapday. It did not work.

Emailed helpdesk, no reply.

I thought, fine, as long as the products are good I can live without the discount. (The discount was the only reason I picked OneOn in the first place though).

They promised delivery in 3-5 days. After 6 days an no reply from helpdesk on my order, I email them asking where my stuff is.
As expected, no reply.
Day 7, email them again. No reply.

After a total of 5 emails, and no response from them my order is 10 days late! What the fuck!?

I call them up and ask them what is going on. And I get informed that my order is out of stock and that it's gonna take an additional couple of days for them to get it. I've heard nothing from them on this and I as the customer have to call THEM up to find out what's going on.

In the end I cancel my order and got it from somewhere else.

The competitiveness online for supplements is intense and there are several other firms doing similar products. A company can simply not afford to fuck up this bad.

Stay away!

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