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I am pleased generaly with the range but not the cost

The range of programs is not to bad but is not improving and the cost is not good. There are to many repeats the internet is reasonable but not worthy of 5 stars. I think the monopoly of the market has stopped them from improving as other companies often do. Special offers for new customers but no reward for loyalty


Reliable Service not so sure of value for money

My phone works reasonably well with little problems. I think the value is average with little appreciation of its loyal customers, When renewal of contract is due. Its like they dont care which is to often the case.


They Supply Quality Products postage high

They supply products which have always been good quality. Which you could genuinly reccomend. There advertising however is a little fake because the special offers are always turning up and there realy there to help make profit from postage


I Love my friends on facebook - not perfect

I love the ability to find and build friends and share so many things I think it could be improved and I think it is improving slowly but surely


Every item that Ive bought or sold has been good through PayPal

I have used paypal for several years and never a problems the rates could be better. But for a good service we have to pay. I am pleased with there service


Great sevice in both buying and Selling

A fantastic range of products and if you use wisely its difficult to loose, You get them normal human problems of people forgetting to post. But Ebay themselfs provide a great service. Doing there best to protect the users, Which is all you can ask

Groupon UK

Most Iems have been very good

I bought a photobook through them which was excellant value for money. I was pleased with it It was just as described. I have bought one item which was not quite as agreed but it was evedent that that was the supplier of the item and not groupon. I think you have to be careful with reading the details but. I have had some good value from them

13 April 2012

Reply from Groupon UK

Hi Michael, thank you for you review. We encourage all of our customers to read the "Fine Print" section of our deal on the right hand side which contains all of the details that you need to know. We're very happy to hear that you enjoyed your recent photobook purchase - we really appreciate your custom.


Delivery is amazing

They may not have it all perfect but they certainly try very hard and Ive had deliveries so fast I was amazed


One of the worst companies I have delt With.

It is difficult to express just how bad this company has been. I have no idea of what is true or false with any member of staff which I spoke to in 6 weeks.

They have the best mannered staff I have delt with, almost the end of compliments.

First contact took place after wasting two and a half hours to get through. I was told so very sorry, There had been a major baseball game the night before and all 600 staff other than 30 had not come in to work. I was ordering a video camera, But when I wanted to ask questions I was rudlely asked did I want to order or not. I said you attitude sound rude and ingenuous. He duely appologised and put me on to another beautifly polite person, Who said he was just helping out because of short staff.

This person then assured me that I would get the english version of the camera, exactly the same one as I would buy in England I was told.
I need the camera ASAP I explained, Can you tell me when I will get the camera within the week is guaranteed I am told. Here I am six weeks later and they are going to refund the money.. That however is a fraction of the story. Eight days goes past I ring them one of many, many calls. Yet another very polite person. So Sorry we will chase it and find out why you have'nt got it, Even though the 2nd person J had promised he would walk it through personaly. It will be on the way again I am promised another week another call. So sorry none in stock. I got slightly irratated result I am assured that one will be on the way by yet another person after I sent an email to this customer services Dept. It will be drop shipped from the uk I am told nothing happens. Another Call another polite man we go through it all yet again We will send you a free camera Bag they say. So I wait again Camera arrives wow so pleased. Guess what its the American Version not the Pal version. Another call You only paid for the American Version they say. I ordered the Pal Version and paid the bill inccluding some poor extra Lens and warranty etc. It is believed by other people on the net that there warranty is not valued in UK (I dont Know)

I explain 4 weeks or so of choas this is not exceptable please return the Camera to a uk address and we will send you the Pal Camera immediately they promise. I send the camera and then find more waiting until the address in the UK reforwards to the USA .

I get for the second time a notification through the company that my order is complete and a DHL tracking number. I wait for the parcel as I had once before to find that my order is not cmplete is another freeby. poor lens atachment. Another phone call go through it all over again with the polite dept. Where is my camera. I am stressed and upset but dont worry the delay is that we havent got the camera back from UK yet. Several days pass promised yet again the moment it arrives and is checked we will send you the camera. Thank you I do hope so this as cost an amazing amount of time and money I explain. It will be sorted soon. But things are looking up I get a phone call from a polite american whilst I in an important meeting starting to discuss all over again. I explain can't talk go speak to the person I spoke to J.

So we get to the end I ring up again could I speak to J after been held on the phone for several minutes by J I am told the his manager has over ruled two weeks of further promises and theres nothing this polite man can do. Can I speak to a manager a question I had asked many times never one available. Yes and guess what no one available now.

I believe individual try, But with there bonus system based on what is your immediate feedback they will say anything to keep you happy. My first thought with the first person I spoke to turned out correct. Only interested in getting your order. Politness is not customer service it just buys time for them. Lens attachment are not linked to make of camera you buy, but the cheap type you can get online so beware of the extras which they can off course offord to give away as you would pay through the nose for them.

The most polite company ever with the highest level of broken agreements verbal and otherwise

Since the above They refused to supply the camera. I rang there acounts who said refunds should be up to 4 days two weeks later still no refund, Chased them again eight days ago the sent an email to me below:
Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2012 8:42 PM
To: ............
Subject: RE: Your order ......... has been shipped to you

Dear Mr. Cooper,

You have been refunded the total amount that was due to your account based upon our Companies policies. Have a wonderful day.
Best Regards

Dear amazing SLR Hut.

Your remarkable service could never surprise me more, Once again you send an email saying you have done something and once again you have not. No refund 8 days after you say it is done. But don’t worry I will continue to inform the world about this amazing service. After all it is my duty to give credit where it is due. Yours is to say the list a consistently incredible service, or to say the least the most consistent lack of service or honesty I have seen from what claims to be a professional company. Could you one day be honest. I just checked my credit card and still no refund.

Why don’t you shock the world and refund my money and send the Camera by accident or otherwise as I could do with something to complement you on or make me smile

As of today this stupid company I've now had to threaten with the police as they said to weeks back I have been refunded as per their policy , After checking with my credit card not a penny refunded out of £1600.00 pounds, I ve given them 3 days. Disgraceful

Defitley Not to be trusted

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