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After my two year contract was up, I thought about upgrading to a new handset, but knowing that as soon as you have got the latest model in your hands for longer than five minuets along comes a brand new one on to the market which seems to knock yours back into last years handset.
However i have to say, I own a HTC Desire and i am very happy with it and was reluctant to upgrade to the latest model. So i contacted Vodafone and asked what are my options? They were very helpful they went through my price plan and my usage and came up in my opinion with a great deal! basically keep my old handset and then keep the same options 600 Min's free calls unlimited text, and 500MB of web browsing, which i was paying nearly £50 if you include the VAT, my new deal was dropped down to £10.25p a month giving me a saving of £480 a year, that's so long as i stay within my limits.

I went on the new deal and waited for my next bill it was for £40 but that included a set up fee and old usage. My new bill is £20.27 and i have to say i am one happy bunny as i am a heavy user on the web browser, once my free allowance of usage was up i then purchased a further 500MB at a cost of £5.

I would honestly say the only thing i think Vodafone should consider is upgrading the limit on the browsers, there coverage is and has been trouble free for me.

I would consider Vodafone over most other companies for coverage of areas and their customer service.

Tyre Shopper

Fast untroubled service

I came upon the web site looking for cheap tyres as my budget is severely restricted, i have tried and looked through other potential services but after using trust-pilot i would not go anywhere else as their information and service was spot on! helpful! and i would have no qualms in recommending them to anyone.

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