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Don't download from the Spyalert site!

I followed a link to this site in an advertisement on Trust Pilot. Trust Pilot should carefully consider not running their advertisement
The download was seemingly innoccuous but the app barely useful.

OK, there were instructions on how to uninstall and they appeared to work - but the site had placed hidden malware extentions to my IE and Firefox browsers which picked out words from other sites, highlighted them in Blue and made them hyperlinks. Hovering the cursor over them turned them into annoying adverts and clicking on them took you to the advertisers site. Those hidden extentions could not be located and were not uninstalled along with the app. The advertisements were apparently 'provided' for me by FriendChecker.

There were a lot of reviews on the internet about the Spyalert developers, LLC, who host FriendChecker which they have seemingly hijacked from the Friend Checker formerly used by Facebook - Facebook disassociate themselves from this. There were many purported remedies to remove these hidden extentions - none of which worked - and it was alleged by many on the Forums that these were false information posted by LLC - but you must make up your own mind about that.

Finally I bought a malware removal tool at considerable cost - and this did work.

I've asked for Spyalert to be told about my experience so no doubt we'll hear protestations that '"it wasn't me Guv". Check for yourselves by Googling 'FriendChecker' or 'Spyalert'


Don't pay Return Postage!

Under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 - if you return goods as simply unwanted - and you cancel within 7 days of receipt - and the seller does not specify who pays return postage - The SELLER pays!

It is a breach of the Regulations not to specify who pays.

Neither their Terms and Conditions, nor their Returns Policy, specify who pays. So mark your parcel FREEPOST MAPLINS.

They will tell you otherwise. Don't accept that.

Don't forget to enclose a copy of the Invoice. Get a Returns Number from them and write it on the copy Invoice. Get a free Certificate of Posting from the Post Office.

This company is very difficult to deal with. You will need to persist.

Contact me at for any advice.

InsureandGo UK

So far - so good!

I liked the experience of getting a quote and purchasing - no messing with being given an intial quote and then it increasing it everytime you report having sneezed.

Of course, the truth will out, if I have to make a claim!


Pity I can't select less than 1 star!

Disinterested and inadequate service -except that they WERE interested in reporting non existent 'faults', a la Kwik-fit

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12 March 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Dear Keith

I cannot seem to find any information or prior correspondence with you in our system. I would very much like to help you if you have problems or questions regarding our site.

Please write me on "att. Kasper"

Kasper - Trustpilot Support


Parking Eye at Aldi (or anywhere else!)

Aldi use Parking Eye to monitor many of their car parks. Don't fall for paying them!

Parking Eye have no authority to level a charge for parking, over the time or not - or even if you don't shop at Aldi. They obtain the name of the registered keeper from DVLA, write to you with an officious Parking Charge Notice and then bully you with at least 3 more letters. You can only be liable for making a Contract if you make that contract - simply ignoring the 'contract' proffered on their notices is not making a contract. In any event only the driver at the time could possibly be liable - and he or she might or might not not be the driver - you are not obliged to tell these bombastic fools anything!


Google - Parking Charge Notice - and read all about it. But if you get a PENALTY Charge Notice then that will be from the local Council - ignore that at your peril!

Tyre Shopper

Poor Service

Ordered tyres through Tyre Shopper (Why the hell don't you publish your affiliation to National Tyres?) Arranged following day fitting. Called in to get a time to take it in and left one wheel for tyre to be fitted (to shorten the time and more convenient for the fitting centre).

Outcome? - they weren't ready for me - and the tyre hadn't been put on the wheel. Then subjected to a 'build the job' report on non-existent 'faults' - reminded me of Kwik-fit!

Pity I can't rate it NIL Stars

12 March 2012

Reply from Tyre Shopper

Dear Mr Sales,

Our apology for the inconvenience that has been caused to you.
Most customers are aware that Tyre Shopper does use National Tyres as its partner of choice for tyre fitting and apologise that this is not more prominent on the site.

Will be passing on this review to customer services.

Kind regards
Tyre Shopper Customer Services

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