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Rip Off!! Bait and Switch!!!

I ordered an exercise round half foam roller--or so I thought. I picked this roller because it was inexpensive and the advertised picture was of a completely (360 degree) round short roller. What I got was half a roller alright--I mean--a roller not halved in length--but rather halved straight through the middle the long way--basically a crescent-shaped thing. What I got was not what was pictured!! My bad--the written description was "half roller" which I understood to mean (based on the picture of the product)was a shorter in length roller instead of a standard length one--no way did I ever anticipate (based on the picture) that the "half" roller I would get was halved straight down the middle the long way--nothing like the pictured item!!.
I admit, I picked this company because it offered the cheapest price. $5 was a great deal I thought (I didn't realize when I placed my order that I was going to be ripped off for almost $15 of shipping costs for something that weighed almost next to nothing!!!) Imagine my shock when (after waiting almost 6 long weeks for this product), I opened the package and saw a crescent shaped, very porous blue material, flimsy thing which looked nothing like the photo of what I had ordered.
Let me say again--not only was the item not what I thought I had ordered, I was ripped off for shipping charges (almost 3x what the item's price was) and it took forever for the product to get shipped to me!!
My husband called the company to rectify our issues with the product--the customer service rep was no help at all--basically--we'd be charged a fortune to ship the product back and have it replaced with something that looked like what I thought I had ordered in the first place!!
Remember--you get what you pay for!! I was so excited to order what looked like a typical foam exercise roller for only $5.00. What I got was a $20 piece of junk!! Lesson learned!!

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