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Do not ever buy insurance from Knowhow, totally crap!!!!!!!!

I can not even give this company a rating, it is the worst company I have ever delt with, please stay clear of them.

They picked my Samsung TV up in January for a simple repair, it came back the following week damaged. It then got picked up because they damaged the frame around the tv they said it had to have a new frame which they were going to replace.

I have had to make so many phone calls to their customer services as they kept saying my tv was on its way back to me, every week I waited for it to arrive it never came.

They then said it had been delivered to the wrong depot, so it had to be delivered back to Newark then delivered back to north London depot, then back to me, this never happened, then they said it had been lost.

I can't begin to tell you how many hours I have spent on the phone trying to get my tv back, the last straw was it was meant to come back yesterday.

As I didn't have a four hour delivery slot I phoned up yesterday morning to find out what four hour slot I was going to get, the girl on the phone said there's no time slot you will have to wait in all day for it, as you can imagine I was not best pleased to hear that, she then went away to find out for me, when she came back she said I am very sorry but your tv won't be comming back today as it has not left the depot.

They told me there's been a mix up with someone of the same name as you. She then went away to find out where my tv was, she came back to me to tell me that they have found it and it won't be delivered till the following day, I said that is not good enough as I was going out,I even asked if I could pick it up from the local depot she said no. I agreed in the end to to have it delivered the following day after being on the phone for 62 minutes, about a hour later I get a call from someone at Knowhow telling me my tv will be delivered in the next half hour which eventually happened. Two people came in a car to deliver it to me.

Please Please Please do not deal with this company as they are total liers. Knowhow know nothing!

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