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Infrequent surveys, poor screening

I read good reviews for panelbase, it was even at the top of some survey lists. However, my experience with them has been the opposite.

Very, very few surveys in comparison with other survey sites like valued opinions or mysurvey. There is a very tedious profiling section to be completed at the beginning and it's all for nothing. Most of the time I'm not even eligible for their surveys, yet they give them to me anyway (at most one per week).

Terrible site and an absolute waste of time. Avoid.


One of the better survey sites

Generally reliable. I had no problem receiving voucher payment from them multiple times, and it didn't take too long to get the rewards.

Surveys are sent out frequently, though the downside is that you are not eligible for some of them. Despite filling in profile information, I continue to get surveys that I cannot even start. This is a problem that other survey sites share.

Otherwise, solid site.


Dumbing down the internet

Nothing good to say about it - really hate this site.


I'm on it far too much

Really good addictive site. My opinion on it sways from positive to heavily negative from time to time. This is due to the abundance of bland memes and repetitive phrases that would drive you to insanity.

But there is generally some very good content on the site, even if you have to filter your way to it. Sort out which sub-reddits (categories) you like and then ignore the rest.


Decent, but the users don't matter

I know that people are generally opposed to change in all forms, but in facebook's case I think that user opposition is justified. Layout and feature overhauls aren't uncommon, and after they are introduced it doesn't seem to matter what people think - the changes are permanent.

They could do well by listening to feedback.

Other than that, it is a solid social networking site. They'll probably stay on top for a long time, but the way that they're running things is giving plenty of opportunities for better sites to swiftly take away their users.


Perfect for all your movie knowledge

Whether you're just casually looking for information on an upcoming movie, or searching back for movies that you want to check out, your needs will be met.

As far as user controlled movie ratings go, imdb's scores are fairly good representations, though there are still pointless - and unavoidable - rating wars.

I've also spent a good deal of time on the forums on the site, especially after watching a movie and looking for fan interpretations.


Prices aren't good enough

First off, I do purchase my music, but the prices on itunes are just off-putting sometimes. I would go for the occasional album, but they just don't seem to be throwing a lot of offers out there nowadays.

It can also be frustrating to search for music on their site and find out that they don't have it.


A huge component of internet browsing

It speaks for itself whenever you no longer refer to searching on the internet, but "googling".

Top notch search engine, very popular email service (which I can't comment on further since I don't actively use it) but they really flopped with their social networking site. But did they really need that anyway?


My opinion of them has been getting better

I used to find their delivery reputation - whilst free - to be really lacking, but I've recently found that they've been doing a lot better, especially with pre-orders.

Amazon will always be my first choice over them, but it is nice to have a backup site like play. I say that because their prices are certainly not the best out there


A cancer of modern gaming

Their Origin service is atrocious, their downloadable content schemes pathetic, and their respect for gamers nowhere to be found. Whilst they put out some decent games, gamers have to go against their principles to purchase them.

They've taken enough franchises under their wing and prematurely buried them - amongst them some of my favourites. And yet, all they have to do is respond to their criticism and listen to the customers. The customer is always right, and EA should finally open their eyes to see that.

By the way, just look elsewhere online to see the appalling services that EA have provided.

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Serves as a good checklist, not much else (yet)

Stumbled onto this site quite recently as I was looking for a counterpart to imdb.

This site is good for gathering together all the movies that you have seen, and creating a list of the movies that you would like to see. You can also import the movies that you've rated from imdb.com.

Currently, it's kind of devoid of activity; the discussion groups are lifeless, and I don't think that there are very many members just yet. There are membership options, but they seem useless as of now. The search function also needs a little tweaking - it can be unreliable sometimes.

With some more attention, icheckmovies.com could be very good.


Biased gaming coverage

Rarely you'll find an original and interesting article on IGN. However, their videos can be decent, ranging from informative to humourous, and is the strong point of the site.

Unfortunately, they are given an incentive to review certain games favourably, which really tarnishes IGN's reputation amongst gamers. For some reviews this is really obvious and distracting, especially compared to other gaming review sites (but this practice of companies pushing for good reviews doesn't just fall onto IGN, don't get me wrong). You might as well be reading a piece written by the lead developer of a game in some cases.

They do have some good writers, but they're just not given enough free will.

An overhaul is needed of their commenting system, which is poorly implemented and usually just serves the purpose of breeding criticism and arguments between users.


Falling down fast

Their recent track record has been a disaster; I'm uncertain of what's in store for them.

From ignoring customer and fan suggestions and doing essentially the opposite, ruining franchises, an association with EA games that nobody supports - it just isn't good.

Their communication with fans has been lacking, and statements from them usually contains either disappointing news, or untruthful answers.


Former giant that is dying

Used to be a nice site with a sane user base. Now it has devolved into a useless money grabbing form of its past self.

Commenting needs some kind of verification system, or needs some heavy moderation, not to restrict the freedom of speech, but to restrict the endless spam and absolute drivel that comes out of many users - haven't seen such a gathering of pathetic people elsewhere on the net.

Incompetent idiots are getting paid for their channels, cheap women are leeching off of popular videos with reply videos to get money (and people fall for it!), and they have the nerve to put adverts on their videos.

If it wasn't for ad blocking software, I wouldn't be using the site anymore. Oh, and the search feature on the site has always been terrible.

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Horrific customer service that ruins reputation

I don't know how a company like Dell can continue running their business with their current customer support base.

Their hardware is okay, far from the best out there, but does the job... until some hidden self-destruct mechanism goes off after a predetermined time (that's my belief anyway).

I had a laptop for about three years before it kicked the bucket, and, to my surprise, I had forgotten about the warranty that I had with it. It was actually due to run out about a month after the time of the laptop dying.

Called up support, was redirected to India and was put on the line with totally unhelpful staff that I couldn't understand, and who probably couldn't understand me. If you think it's as simple as saying "My laptop is broken, and the warranty covers it, please come and send assistance" then think again. After hours of multiple calls - each new call starting the whole process over again - I was getting nowhere.

First off, they don't believe you. They tried to diagnose my near dead laptop over the phone, which was an absolute nightmare. I managed to somehow spark some life into it and go through a few BIOS checks over the phone with Dell. The results of that? Inconclusive, but they "suspected" different problems.

I had to get a family member braver than I to shout down the phone at them to send an engineer out. On and on this went, and then they finally did their job, sent an engineer out who didn't have the proper equipment. On the phone again, they send another engineer who actually fixes the laptop. Woo!

Then the laptop dies of the same problem two months later.



Thankfully, they're legit

I can speak with experience of having received multiple voucher payouts from them.

The frequency of inbound surveys into your email inbox is great; you'll get some nearly every day. For this reason valuedopinions is my most used survey site, and barely any others that I've seen can compete with it.

The reason it isn't getting 5 stars is because I've commonly been sent surveys that I'm not eligible for, which is often infuriating. An example being that I'm in Northern Ireland, but surveys that I have received haven't given an option for residents living there.

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Good for making purchases

Haven't had a huge amount of history with them, but they have a fairly good site and I haven't run into any problems (yet).

However, there's just something about paypal that I can't quite put my finger on; it really feels like they're lacking a useful presence. I get the feeling that it would be a nightmare to resolve a problem with an exchange. Also, adding/changing addresses on the site is stupidly overcomplicated.


The best you'll find

I've been using Amazon for years now and they've always been my first choice for buying online.

Great prices, love the super saver delivery that I usually put on orders, and any concerns that I've had have always been dealt with promptly by excellent customer service staff. Actually, I haven't found as good customer service elsewhere on the net.


As a buyer, it's a good site

I can't give a review based on an ebay seller as I have never sold anything on the site.

Over the years, eBay has been really great for finding items that I couldn't find elsewhere. That's a giveaway that eBay aren't usually my first choice for business.

I can't give them a full 5 stars because the site is dependent on its users, who for the most part are reliable people like yourselves, but there is the possibility of getting a seller that just sours the entire experience.


Fantastic, reliable online shopping

I've started to use shopto.net to pre-order games and I haven't been let down once (and I don't expect to be). Their commitment to get the item to me on time is really appreciated, and even outrivals the other online retailers that I tend to use.

Even though I haven't had much experience with it, I do like their reward scheme. The only point of criticism that I have is that their prices aren't always the best out there. Whilst you'll save a bit of money on new releases, shopto.net doesn't quite match its competitors in gradual price reduction of items.

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