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Not Worth The Licence Fee

The BBC may have been great in the past but today they are not.
One or two stand out programmes and a rare surprise does not make it OK, and don't get me started on the radio stations.

I think it is time for the licence fee to go. If the BBC want to continue charging for their services then they should speak to Sky and offer their chanels as a add-on subscription or as part of a package.
We will then see how long they would last when we have the choice to pay them or not!


Not Bad

I ordered some business cards recently. I designed them myself and uploaded it to the vistaprint website.

The whole process was very easy and quick. Every action was confirmed so no mistakes could be made.

I paid for a quick delivery and it arrived when expected.

My only complaint is that the cards where slightly skewed to one side. I know from working in the trade in the past that this happens when the printer is not running at the right tempature or on the correct paper weight setting.
But for the price I paid I could not be bothered to send them back.
I get loads of offers sent to me by email. I haven't taken them up on any yet but I might do to see if they improve on quality.

20 April 2012

Reply from Vistaprint

Terribly sorry to know that you had a bad experience with us.
We recommend you to get in touch with our customer support on the free toll number 0800 496 0350, they will be happy to assist you and solve the issue.




I am sure that if I tried I could come up with a few more words starting with U but I can't be bothered, same as Talk Talk can not be bothered with their customers.

This is by far the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

They came to my door offering me all sorts of great deals that would knock spots off my then current provider (BT).

Signed up, all is great but it will take 3 weeks to make the change over happen properly.
OK, I can live with that as long as the phone works sharpish.

3 weeks go by and the phone works, but caller ID, Voice Mail and Call Waiting doesn't.

I call them to find out what is going on...
TT: Oh! It will take a week to activate those features and will cost you this much.
Me: What!!! The guy said these features where included when we signed up. The price should be less than BT not more, thats why we transfered!
TT: Well they are not and if you want them it will take a week to properly activated and you will have to pay.
Me: My broadband is still not up, any news when it will be activated?
TT: Sorry, we are still waiting for your MAC code!
Me: I sent it to you 3 weeks ago, this person confirmed it was recieved.
TT: Let me just check that for you... Click... Dead Line Tone!!!!!

15 Mins of your in a cue music later...
Me: Can I speak to the person who was dealing with me a few minites ago?
TT: Sorry but we have no record of your call.
Me: I would like to cancel my contract today as in right now!!!

10 Mins Later.
Me: Please BT, I am sorry. Please reconnect me, I won't do it again.
BT: No problem sir, Here have a cuddle :-)

Actually joking aside, I didn't end up going back to BT as I got a call almost instantly from Sky and they offered me a great deal on top of my TV package.

Seriously, Stay away from Talk Talk!!!

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Delicious, but damn expensive!

Pizza prices are stupidly expensive recently. It is dough with pizza sauce and cheese and meat sprinkled on top. Since when does that add up to £17.99 each!!!



A few months ago I needed to buy a new computer. Having previously bought pre-built computers in the past (Dell, HP, Packard Bell) and slowly upgrading them myself over time I wanted to give building my own from scratch a try.
A few weeks of research and I had a picture in my head of what I wanted. Hunting all over the internet for the best prices was seriously tedious work and then I came across Very easy to use site and they seemed to have just about everything that I was looking to buy.
Having everything I wanted to buy in one place was excellent as I could virtually build the machine in the shopping basket. There was one item I was unsure of and it was solved in seconds by the excellent sales team and the very next day I had a gaint box of new components in my hands.
One other thing I will mention is that the site has it's own dedicated forum which is jumping with life where pretty much any any computer related question could be answered.
I will be using for my computer needs in the future.

Starting to be a let down

I used to buy almost all my blu-rays/ dvd's and games from exclusively but, over the last year or so I have been let down by them on more than one occasion.
Pre-ordered items showing up several days after release on several occasions is the deal breaker for me. I know you might be saying that it's the courier or royal mail that is delivering it late but when you speak to there responce is wait 5 more days and call us back.
3 stars as I might just be unlucky or my postman hates me!

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I am constantly amazed by Amazon. I try not to look very often as every time I do I end up buying something.
Very easy to use website and great prices.
Although I have only had to speak to customer services once, they did call me, yes they called me to advise of a possible problem (which never occured). How many companies call there customers anymore!

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