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Good potential, but need some improvements. is on the good track but there is still a few areas that need improvement to be a top player in project and code management.

- We couldn't import our data from Assembla at 100%. Admittedly they did their best effort to incorporate as much data as possible from our backups.

- Very basic and cumbersome way of assigning parent-child task relationships.

- Limited payment options. Tried to pay with a corporate Maestro card, but there was simply no way. Had to use my personal Visa card.

- No e-mail notifications to team members on GIT commits.

- No color coding for task priorities EDIT: They do have this in the list view, my mistake!

And some other minor details.

We are generally happy with, its simplified approach compared to Assembla (too complex to our current needs), and we are sure they will grow to improve all these and many other lingering issues.

They do have a superb customer service, which helps make the minor issues to be less annoying :)

13 March 2012

Reply from Planio GmbH

Thank you Tomás for your detailed feedback - it's much appreciated. Let me respond to the items you mention:

Import from Assembla: We generally do our best to import any existing data our clients may have and this service is generally free of charge. It's easy and straightforward for most open source systems (e.g. Mantis, Trac, Redmine) where data formats are well defined. It's a bit harder when importing from proprietary formats of other vendors. I hope for your understanding.

Payment options: As much as we would have liked to accept your Maestro debit card, it's unfortunately not supported by our payment provider. We can process all major credit cards, such as MasterCard, Visa, and American Express, but no debit cards, unfortunately. If you wish, you can still switch to manual payments using wire transfer, as my colleague Helen suggested in your support ticket.

Email notifications on Git commits: I can see your recent ticket in our support system about that. There actually is a way if you reference issues in your commits. I will send you a more detailed response to your request right after having finished this note.

Color coding for issue priorities: In fact, issues are color coded based on priority. Low priority issues will appear in a light blue and high priority issues are red or dark red (for urgent). Please file a support ticket if it doesn't work for you and we'll be sure to help!

Parent-child task relationships: I would love your feedback on this. If you have a suggestion for improved usability, please don't hesitate to file a ticket and I'll talk about it with the product team.

Thanks again for taking the time to provide feedback - it helps us learn and improve Planio.

Jan Schulz-Hofen

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