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Rated -10 stars... except there wasn't the option to rate that badly!

Anyone who is considering buying from either INFURN or Groupon must be mad. Be sensible and read the reviews.

Sadly I have the same story as everyone else posting reviews on here.

I ordered the Big Boy beanbag in November 2011 and on the 20th April 2012 and have not received anything to date, except numerous apologies and a couple of 'discount' vouchers for INFURN, which I will never use.

I couldn't get hold of any humans at INFURN, so I referred my complaints to Groupon who have been utterly useless if I'm honest.
I had an 'estimated' shipping date from INFURN for the 5th-12th March 2012 for delivery of the beanbag, which although seemed like a very generous waiting time I was happy to wait. But guess what...nothing arrived and no communication has been received by way of explanation from either company.

I have told Groupon that despite providing a poor service (if you can call it that) I did not want a refund and stated that if I had not received the item within a substantial time period I would want to know why.

A month has passed and not a word had been heard until I chased Groupon today (20-04-2012). I was advised that all orders were shipped on the 30th March 2012, so I wonder….. WHERE IS IT!?
Subsequently I have asked Groupon to provide the following as I DO NOT believe INFURN are capable:
1) provide proof that shows "all orders were shipped on 30/3/2012 "
2) provide proof of a "tracking code or other proof of shipping"

A while ago now I logged into the ‘my account’ section and then into the ‘order history’ section on INFURNS site to discover that the 'Tracking ID’ had been updated to ‘hand delivery’. That clearly meant very little because to my surprise when I logged in today there was a pdf icon next to the ‘hand delivery’ status. I opened up what I can only describe as a ‘delivery note’. This all seemed very strange to me, as nothing has been delivered.
On further inspection the delivery date says 17-04-2012 – 4 days ago. Then I noticed that there was a SECOND ‘delivery time’ stating ‘Week beginning: 04.01.2012’ perhaps I am reading the date wrong….it was either the 4th January 2012 or the 1st of April 2012 – either way I AM STILL WITHOUT MY BEANBAG.

INFURN you monumentally suck.

So THANKS Infurn.
For nothing.


26th April 2012

I'm seeking a lady called Mary who sent me a message in response to my review. The message contained useful contact details. Mary - if you're reading this please could you re-send me the details as they have literally disappeared from my inbox. It's almost like the message self-destructed after I read it!! :-(

Thank you

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