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As a newbie to guitar, have an acoustic, but fancied an electric or semi acoustic, went in asked advice. Was not disappointed. No hard sell, talked thru what type of music I would like to play. Main point I was not ushered towards guitars that are expensive. I was shown guitar packages that were very reasonable. But I had a bit of an idea of what I wanted, erred toward hollow body, Shown a few of varying prices, still not expensive, like this. Asked about a couple I had my eye on. The guy in the shop got them for me, demonstrated, I cant play yet, just learning chords, hooked them up to an amp he recommend, very impressed. Eventually bought an Ibenez asf80-tr paired with a line 6 IV 15watt amp, love it. He also supplied cable, picks, guitar stand and a set of new strings, delivered the next day at lunch time. Guitar seemed to be set up, each string was tuned but one note lower, used Snark tuner, I think this me be for transportation! Guitar came well packed and secure. Top notch service, will definitely use for my guitar purchases from now. Thanks Guitarguitar.

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Excellent, one word sums Mazuma up. Requested envelope. Arrived next day. Posted phone, recorded delivery, for insurance reasons. Following day email to say phone had arrived at Mazuma and cheque was in the post. Next day cheque arrive for stated amount (£170.00). Like I mentioned, excellent.

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